Take your own scales to McD's if you think you're getting chip-gypped

Here in the UK, we are blessed with Watchdog – Anne Robinson’s unusual face moves around slowly and makes noises about shabby customer service. Meanwhile her dashing ward Matt Allwright darts around on a motorbike, exposing dodgy builders and mechanics with all the homoerotic undertones that come from getting the job done in biking leathers with his mate.

Over in Japan, this anonymous chap has taken a more low-key approach to consumer justice. Believing that he was being short-portioned when it came to the fries in his local McDonalds, he took his portable scales in with him to prove it once and for all.

The McD’s website claims a portion weighs 135 grams but our intrepid reporter is served just 113 grams of salty chip sticks. He takes it up with the manager and his doggedness is rewarded with extra fries. But look – they’ve screwed him again! Two grams short! Dickhead.

Have any of you ever taken your own independent measures to prove a customer service point? Are any of you really THAT petty? We think you might be. Tell us about the times when your sense of justice overwhelmed normal social behaviour and the best one might win a prize of some kind that we haven’t given much thought to yet…

[Japan Probe]


  • Carl A.
    It's pretty petty but I can understand someone wanting to get their money's worth. P.S. Clicking on a site called Japan Probe made me just a little nervous.
  • bob
  • Ch0p
    i think this is petty but keep in mind that if fries cost a quid or whatever and you were to hand over 85p at the till, mcdonalds would also be proving a point and demanding the correct amount be handed over, no?
  • Joe S.
    Never taken a set of scales in, but, this has got me thinking.... I'm forever feeling short-changed with chip packets half-full. I've never just complained about the portion being too small, but, when they served me cold chips once I did add "and I'm pretty sure that's not a large portion either". I was rewarded with a large chip box properly filled with hot chips.
  • Brad
    Some one needs to do this at KFC, im sure they count every individual chip in the bag.
  • cookie
    Considering that the scales have been moved around while turned on and lost their calibration, the fact they say -2 when he puts the chips on for the second time means his portion is bang on.
  • jonny
    there was a pub that was serving "pints" in glasses that were not capable of holding a pint. after a conversation with the landlord and some quick point proving, we went home with the said glasses because he no longer had a use for them :)
  • oliverreed
    I've weighed food 'before' and 'after' to determine how much I've used and most items are over the package weight to start with, works both weighs :)
  • Marlboro M.
    I got served a pint which even with the enormous head didn't come close to the top of the glass. Barmaid "£2.50 please" Me (hands over £2.00) Barmaid " I said £2.50" Me "and i said a full pint" Barmaid, quickly refills pint while giving me an awful look.
  • (jah) w.
    Don't goto mcdonalds, but I always weigh the product when I'm buying a bag of sand, mandy or vegetable matter. As for scales losing their calibration, they shouldn't be too off. I can carry my scales around with me all week, and when I come to recalibrate them they will be less than 20mg (0.02g) off. I'd be shocked at a set of scales that were a whole 2g off.
  • andy y.
    Luckily, I often receive watered down short measures at my local pub "The Pint of Piss"
  • swf
    Why do you call this man petty? Surely you should be calling McDonalds petty for serving him short helpings! They know what they're doing, they got off very lightly (no pun intended) with just topping the chips up. They really should be prosecuted for cheating their customers. There really is no excuse for them!
  • Tom
    He weighs the cardboard packaging as well, so really they give far less then the advertised 135g, they had to stuff the second lot really full do i think the majority of portions are below amount. If it's 10g under they only have to sell 13.4 portions and they get a free one. Will add up for McD's.
  • sibrecat
    To be fair to Kfc they do make the weight up with cockroaches
  • the h.
    a single case may seem petty to some. but imagine mcd's doing this to every customer in every single branch! the money saved from stingy portions would be astronomical! now you can justify what this guy is doing!
  • PastaYum
    Dried pasta shells "conchiglie" Sainsbury's own. bag of 500g weighed in at 320g. had disposed of receipt by the time it was noticed. My recipe required 500g,otherwise would not have bothered checking !
  • Brian
    My name is Brian and I always weigh my poo.
  • Amanda H.
    When you want to be smug and do this in your local take away, its always a good fucking idea if you weigh ALL the fucking chips (did no-one notice the chip on the tray shouting "hey fuck head, what about me?")
  • Bullet
    No shite quality footage from the Japanese, if this was someone here doing this it would be grainy as fook
  • parpparp
    Never mind, he can always eat the gigantic chip on his shoulder.
  • Michael
    Having been in the bar/club industry for many years, i can pretty much say everwhere I work that as the management we are instructed to cut costs as much as possible, so serving pints with 1 inch heads is pretty common practice in order to achieve targets and get bonuses. if anyone claims, just top it up -99% of people wont complain on a busy weekend.
  • darkspark88
    Market sellers nearly always cheat on the fruit and veg. They nearly always remove the product from the (stupid imperial) scales before the dial has had time to settle. You always get cheated a few ten and sometimes even hundreds of grams.
  • Jase
    Yep, the under portions will save them a full portion after a while...but to be honest, it's probably enough to JUST cover the amount they throw away. Seriously, have you seen how much they bin?! Call what they serve for the day 100%, they bin an +10% on that.
  • Tom
    Call what they serve for the day 100%, they bin an +10% So hang on, I think you're trying to say they bin 10%
  • m_jack
    What if we call what they serve for the day 110%? What then?
  • parpparp
    "Call what they serve for the day 100%, they bin an +10% So hang on, I think you’re trying to say they bin 10%" No, if the total, served + binned, is 110%, then they are binning 10/110 = ~9%. But this is a boned-headed way of expressing the wastage.
  • Mike H.
    Are they binning 135g or 113g portions? In which case, they're only binning 8%

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