Supersize your wedding, get married in McDonalds

In a universe of infinite possibilities, there is a place where people can choose to get married in a plastic-seated, fast-food restaurant. It's called Hong Kong. Yes, if you can think of no other sacred place for your nuptials, McDonalds can not only host the ceremony but they'll provide the catering - and gifts, too!

Bitterwallet - McDonald's Wedding Party

But what to wear? What look is in for the bride who asks nothing more of life than to be blessed in the presence of a six-pack of McNuggets and a clown? Don't worry, sugar tits - Ronald has your back, as travel site Triphunter explains:

"For an additional £110 McDonald's will provide the radiant bride with a custom-made wedding dress, made using only the finest white balloon animals money can buy. If you're willing to go all out then you can upgrade the dress to red balloon animals with a train of red cellophane flowers."

Bitterwallet - McDonalds wedding dresses

The balloon fun doesn't end there, however. The lucky bride and groom can have 5-foot high replicas of themselves created in balloons for under £100. Stay classy, Hong Kong.



  • Alexis
    She'll never get the burger smell out that dress.
  • PokeHerPete
  • br04dyz
    Are you Lovin' It? And are you Lovin' It? Then I pronounce you Bun & Gherkin together You may now kiss the Happy Meal
  • Wim L.
    Dough them ooorreddy de this in the Black Countray? Sept foor de bloons, day dough do them yet, burrit looks good. Proper class an that. If ye wanna gaow a bit more speshul, yaow wanna gaow to Burger King, them are the maost bostin yaow can git. Ye git craowns and evryfing, not just bloons loike ye do in Macs.
  • Jeebus
    I've just come back from HK and whilst I didn't see this I do have to say being able to buy a sausage & egg mcmuffin 24 hours a day plus HK McDonalds McCafe selling not only better but cheaper coffee than Starbucks, etc was pretty decent but this just ruins all those positives.
  • Natalie
    Oh dear. I've heard it all now. A big mac and fries for the wedding breakfast?

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