Supersize My Movie: Buy a McDonalds Meal + Get 2 For 1 Cinema Tickets FREE

A new TV campaign launched today by Leo Burnett across the UK will feature a first of its kind McDonald’s promotion, giving away free 2 for 1 cinema ticket vouchers with every large meal or premium salad order.

Customers ordering every large meal / premium salad will receive a peel off card with a unique 8 digit voucher code, which they then have to enter at the McDonalds Website ( by November 25, 2008.  The voucher can be printed instantly, after entering a registered address and selecting your local cinema.

The only limitation is that you must be 16 or older, and each registered address is entitled to receive no more than 8 vouchers.  But there is no question that McDonalds / cinema addicts will find a way around this.  According to the rules of participation:

The Offer is for a voucher which can be redeemed during the Promotion by no later than 30th June 2009 at participating cinemas in the UK, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man for 2 cinema tickets for the price of 1, with the cheaper-priced ticket provided without charge.

Some further Bitterwallet research indicates that 'Large Meals' include each combination of menu items advertised as a set meal other than breakfast, while ‘premium salad’ excludes the delicious Garden Side Salad.  (For the sake of your health, I urge you to take the salad!)

What about cinema availability?  According to Section 3.2 on the McDonald’s Cinema promotional rules:

At the time of printing over 225 cinemas, including Cineworld, Showcase and Vue and many independently owned cinemas, are participating in this Offer.

This means customers will receive a voucher for any film, at any time, on any day, at over 225 participating cinemas nationwide, up until 30th June 2009.

Based on McDonald's track record of previous complaints received by Ofcom on various 2 for 1 meal promos, this McDonald’s offer appears to be an attempt to playing a different card to improve business in the current economic climate. Thoughts?

[McDonalds via HUKD (thanks, effing & jeffing!]

IMPORTANT: Bitterwallet is not affiliated with McDonalds or this promotion. Please do not leave comments including your code or any of your personal details.


  • Sally w.
    it keeps on saying that my postcode is incorretc when its not! is this a scam? And if it is i want a refund because i payed fair and square for my meal just to get a ticket!
  • phillip h.
    my uique code is jgjpppkpk
  • nicholas p.
    my unique code is TGVRJ3GJ3
  • mike s.
    good offer but disappointed that you are resticted on which cinema you have to use, i have to travel 6 miles to get to designated cinema, why can`t i use my cinema in warrington where i live? although i have my ticket now i still might not be able to travel that far. not happy
  • Liz C.
    Just processed my cinema offer and I'd just like to say that everything went well and I got the cinema that I wanted. thanks very much.
  • c a.
  • jean m.
    my unique online code is kgt3hvkm6j
  • paul p.
    my unique code is jhhn9wvjtn
  • harry
    cheers paul, Warning to all, you can't use someone else's code because you need to put the original sticker on the printed voucher!!! Pretty clever Mcdonalds!!
  • ALEX D.
    my unique code is KHVV9VKRB6
  • robert w.
    how do we apply for the tickets
  • chris d.
    We bought 2large meals at mcdonalds cambridge today at -+1200 and did not get 2 for 1 stickers .What do we do about this Thank you. chris12 11 2008
  • Rosemary S.
    My unique code isJGVP9 JHBBX when and how will i get my Cinema Offer.
  • amy o.
    my unique code is RHVMT4NTXG thankyou
  • john o.
    my unique code is KHKMKHN4X4
  • nataliesmalley
    my code is HG3P4TVWX7 tried to obtain my free tickets for thr cinema wha a rip off thanks
  • Vince W.
    I just got mine, going to try and catch QOS 007 sometime this week! Re: others posting your codes here, unfortunately no one else can you use your code. you have to stick the sticker you got on the sheet that you print out from McDonalds after entering details on their website. It appears that the sticker is more important than the printout, which is just a sheet of paper, as Harry mentioned. Make sure if you buy a large meal and if they don't give you the stickers, to ASK for them!
    my unique code PGBJHP669N
    unique code ( PGBJHP669N)
  • precious
    cant find where to enter my code.pls help
  • michael m.
    carnt find were to enter my code
  • Danielle
    my code is TGTMNW99BB
  • suz
    I can't even access the website hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • Mel
    I have two 2 for 1 ticket codes but cannot get on to the website to even get my vouchers how annoying. I did notice on here the date to enter codes by is 25th nov but at the bottom of the code tickets it says 30th Nov which is why Im doing it today thinking I wouldnt miss out. Surely if the tickets have printed on them 30th of Nov we should be able to have the offer.
  • muyi
    i've been trying to get on the site for about 20 mins now I hope it gets sorted, i've got 6 codes, and I did'nt put all that weight on for nothing!
  • Ellie
    Same here Mel. Tried all ways to get on to the website today. No joy. My code ticket also says 30th November. Think this offer must have been oversubscribed so they have taken it off early. Shame on them.
  • Vince V.
    Bitterwallet has called McDonalds on your behalf. We informed them that the site was down, as per comments on this thread. McDonald's spokesperson denies this entirely, claiming that their techs check the uptime of the server every 10 minutes. They also verified that the offer was available until midnight today. Asking them if they were interested to read and respond to the comments posted her, McDonalds simply kept saying that the site is checked every 10 minutes, in a very robotic way. Therefore it appears that no compensation will be given to those affected by this annoying problem.
  • McDonalds B.
    [...] we informed you of a McDonalds 2 For 1 Cinema Voucher being given away for FREE, for every McDonalds meal [...]
  • Laura K.
    My Code Is JP3W9J69HA3F
  • Sinema i.
    Great info thanks
  • Timy
    how do you redeem it?
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