StopTober wants you to stay sober in order to save money

kebabIt’s the end of September, which might mean you are excited to go and spend this month’s salary on beer and fags at your earliest opportunity, or it might mean you are looking forward to a month of abstinence in the name of StopTober. Which starts tomorrow, being as it is 1st October.

Originally coined as a catchy activity-month rhyming phrase (see also Movember and Vajanuary), the stop smoking month has been hijacked by another charity campaigning for people to have an alcohol free month as well. October is just no fun anymore.

But just in case people think abstinence is boring, Macmillan have today ‘warned’ people about how much they spend on alcohol, attempting to rebrand StopTober as some kind of money-saving, rather than enjoyment-killing wheeze.

Apparently, the average adult in Britain spends almost £50,000 on alcohol during their lifetime. Macmillan’s survey spoke to 2,000 over 18s and found that each Briton spends around £787 a year on alcohol, although this figure was “sizably more” in London. Men spent an average of £934.44 per year, while women spent £678.60.

Even our friend Martin Lewis from jumped on the stop-drinking-to-save-money bandwagon, ominously cautioning the “cheap night out that turns into a pocket-killer.” We’re not sure whether he’s referring to the pointless and regret-inducing purchase of stinky kebabs at the end of a night, or those nights when you end up in a kebab shop buying lap-dances…

Hannah Redmond for Macmillan Cancer Support, said: “By abstaining for the month of October and being sponsored to do so, you’ll save money, reap the health benefits and raise vital funds to support people affected by cancer.” While we have nothing against giving money to charity, surely people are going to be more inclined to join in with doing fun things for charity, rather than giving up things you enjoy. Besides, £50 grand over a whole lifetime?

Doesn't sound like people are trying hard enough...


  • Peter T.
    Perhaps there should also be a month for the abstinence from self-abuse. Fapruary, maybe?
  • Soronery
    I'm looking forward to Waistpril - a campaign for all those fatties out there.
  • Jessie J.
    I spend 50k in a year, I am a piss head though.

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