Spot the inexplicable body part...

As noted by @graemelambmedia on the internationally-recognised Twitter service, "McDonalds, why you have penis on your Monopoly promotion poster?"

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It's a valid question.


  • Mienaikage
    Took me a while to realise you were talking about his shoe (I think?)
  • Mike H.
    No, can't see it, just a big fuck-off shoe. I think Graeme is seeing penises. He's just a bell-end trying to find something funny in his sad little existence.
  • badger b.
  • Graeme's M.
    Sorry love, I just don't see it ? Can anyone link to a version of the advert without all the reflections and weird angles.
  • Graeme
    Yeah, actually, now I look at it, it's not a penis, it's a massive shoe. Looks nowt like a penis. God, what a twat of a cunt I am. All I think about is penis.
  • Mary H.
    "I fisted your mum, last night... and look what I found!"
  • Darren
    ok so you have to look at it upside down, and hold on.... nope still looks like an upside down shoe. what a pratt. and this is why we are not allowed boobies on daytime tv, because people like Graeme complain about innocent shoes that they think look like an massively enlarged version of their wonky manhood. Fail! Did I mention boobies?
  • Iain's M.
    Hello Mary, Did you find an Off License that stays open until late?
  • Wonky H.
    Somebody call? Darren? Darren? Still here.
  • Graeme
    Actually guys, if you look slightly away from the picture and with squinty eyes, it looks just like... yeah, a shoe.
  • Alan's m.
    To be honest, now I've (sort of) seen the penis, all I can see is penis.
  • T
    It's a shoe. I see no penis.
  • Mad H.
    Surely the answer to "McDonalds, why you have penis on your Monopoly promotion poster?" is "because he's, like, the Monopoly mascot or something"
  • The B.
    Nope, not a penis in that picture, not even in the reflection as he's managed to angle it so he's not in it.
  • Red K.
    What I want to know is what on Earth has happened to Boris ? Has Andy swung the banhammer and banished him ? And on a serious note, how much effort is involved moderating all the spewing hate on these pages ? Don't you just want to call it a day and pull the curtain down on the whole bloody lot ? Anyway, I'm off for a Cornetto.
  • Boris
    Sorry, been busy today; only time for: I love a hearty McDonalds mouthfull to get me going in the morning.. #borisgobbles #spon
  • Borrisse
    Errrr, ow you say.... Je voudrais surligne le fait que.... zat eez nottta peenis
  • A L.
    Je voudrais souligner le fait que you should go home froggy.
  • Shanniaa
    I'd just like to emphasize that I can see the penis and have spent a considerable time staring at it while I diddle myself silly. More cock pics for the girls!
  • Kevin
    I'm a bit of a penis connoisseur myself, but I couldn't see a penis on that until I flipped my phone upside down. Not exactly obvious penis and questionable if it looks like one at all.
  • Fulcrum
    Upside down works, kind of!
  • Mike H.
    Actually, I've been looking at this all Easter holiday, I can actually see that the phone has a penis, sort of.
  • J
    I can see it haha how funny, its like one of those optical illusion thingies that you can't guess until you look at it more carefully!!! Good one!! hahaha

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