Sign before you dine, phones and camera are off the menu

16 August 2011

Course #22 - Angel Delight

Tasting menus are the stuff of legend. Course upon course piled up on your table, and a bill at the end of the night that's just as meaty. A new concept restaurant in the US has taken the tasting menu to the extreme, and will serve you nothing other than a 16 or 24 course tasting menu - but only if you sign a two-page contract beforehand.

What do you have to agree to before tucking into your grub at Rogue 24 in Washington DC? Well, you have to leave your mobile at home - phones are barred. Cameras aren't allowed either, so that diners are "able to enjoy the experiences that surround them at Rogue24 free of distraction".

What else? If reservations are cancelled after 3 pm on the day, then you'll be charged a 100% cancellation fee. If you turn up later than 30 minutes for your booking, your reservation will be cancelled - and then you'll be charged a 100% cancellation fee, too.

It's the kind of shock bullshit that suits and show-offs will be milking themselves over - expect the restaurant to be rammed to the rim every night with pretentious la la's fawning over a green drizzle of flecky snot on a plate.


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  • Jeebus
    It must be shit if you have to agree to those terms. Like one of those shitty nightclubs in Soho that makes people queue outside (while inside is empty) to give the impression that it's good.
  • Steve
    If idiots are willing to be milked of their cash, then why not? It's like the nobheads who go to the Fat Duck and their wallets emptied for some whipped and nitrogen frozen dog-spunk-topped twat porridge with a side order of norovirus...
  • The B.
    Steve, I believe the norovirus was caused by dodgy oysters wasn't it? Still, I'll eat where I like thanks, you can stick to MaccyD's if you want. Not been to the Fat Duck btw, but do eat Michelin at least once a year and it's generally about £100 for 3 courses for 2 people which is pretty good value, although it's the wine that they screw you on.
  • Dick
    >able to enjoy the experiences that surround them I'd enjoy them more if there were naked ladies
  • Mark C.
    @Bob - I prefer Pirelli, personally.
  • The B.
    @Mark C - That explains the skid marks then.

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