Shed pounds with 'skinny wine'

wine Getting on the pop tonight? It is Friday after all. This isn't particularly good news for anyone who is trying to lose a bit of weight, because as everyone knows, booze puts pounds on you. Now, you could forget about all that nonsense of being thin or whatever, and just have an uproariously good time and pat your soft middle like it is a trophy of the fun you've had... or, there is another option.

Some bright sparks have come up with wine that doesn't have as many calories in it as normal wine. Now, we all know that nothing good comes out of diet booze, but if you're interested, there's entire bottles you can sup that have less calories than a normal glass.

And seeing as the average glass of wine has as many calories as a slice of cake, this is good news for all you vain people who are borderline winos.

Get this - you can buy Skinny Rosé, which is made by champagne producer G. Tribaut, and has 275 calories in a whole bottle. Now, the average bottle of wine has upward of 500, so that's alright isn't it? Unless this encourages you to drink twice as much as normal. So how do they do it? Well, it adds no further sugar to the fermenting process. That's less sugar to turn into alcohol, but them's the breaks.

The bad news is that G. Tribaut’s Skinny Rosé Premier Cru NV will cost you £38. If you drink enough of it, you won't have any money left for food, which is one way of losing weight.

You can also get stuck into The Doctor’s Sauvignon Blanc 2014 for £8.99, or if you're on a budget, the £5 Winemaker’s Selection Vinho Verde 2014 from Sainsbury’s should do it. Basically, go for wine that is less than 12% alcohol content on the bottle, and you should be grand. Just don't throw it down your neck with eight bags of crisps and then start ordering kebabs at 2am.

Sadly, we can't help you with your hangovers.

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  • Sean
    Skinny wine isn't anything new. Weight Watchers have had "skinny wine" out for years - and it's a lot cheaper than £38 a bottle!

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