Scots know how to work their way around Scottish alcohol bill

30 September 2011


Scottish politicians are trying to put the scuppers on drink promotions as they try to portray themselves as more sensible boozers, despite the fact they invariably consume more than the rest of us put together in fine clarets and expensive whiskies.

This move is being closely watched by Westminster as they fret and worry about supposed 'binge drinking' and its problems.

So while London watches Scottish politicians, we should watch how Scots drinkers react. And they're too canny to let a little thing like a bill stop them from getting bargains.

See, what Scotland is doing is using online deals to swerve around new laws banning discounted ale. Even Tesco are getting on the act, emailing Scottish customers, telling them that they can still get booze discounts because cases will be dispatched from a depot in England.

In an email promotion, Tesco said: ''Great news! All orders placed at TescoWine by the case will still qualify for these discounts when applicable as your wine is dispatched to you from our distribution centre in Daventry, England.''

The Alcohol Bill is aiming to ban "irresponsible" drinks promotions and restrict advertising of alcohol around premises.

A Scottish government spokesman says: "Internet sales represent only a very small proportion of the alcohol sold in Scotland, but it is an area that we watch closely to see if further action is necessary."


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  • Dick
    Does that mean that the English can impose a Tennetts embargo on Scotland?

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