Red Bull decide to sue a tiny brewery with a vaguely similar name

Red Bull, for some stupid reason, decided to sue a Norfolk micro brewery over their name, Redwell. You'll notice that, as someone who can read and use their eyes to tell the difference between a small blue and silver can and a brown beer bottle with an entirely different label, an action was folly at best.

And because we side with beer makers, here's a massive picture of them as a free advertisement.


Red Bull's brand enforcement manager Hansjorg Jeserznik said that the brewer's labelling was ‘highly similar’ to their own RED trademark and operated in the same marketplace.

Brewery owner Patrick Fisher said he was shocked by Redbull's demands, which said that the Redwell name would lead to ‘confusion’ in the beverage marketplace and ‘tarnish’ the Redbull brand.

Fisher said: "Our name is different, our branding is different. We don't make energy drinks and we're not planning to move into Formula One or send a man skydiving from space very soon."

Well done Red Bull, for giving Redwell a free marketing campaign which they wouldn't have been able to afford otherwise.


  • james
    Not only did this story appear on the BBC yesterday, but this morning they announced that the lawsuit had been dropped. "Bitterwallet: Yesterday's News Today!"
  • Wavydavy
    Yes old news now - keep up
  • Captain.Cretin
    ******BREAKING NEWS****** Nazareth man arrested by Roman soldiers for touting new religion.
  • Justin A.
    I would get the Tickety Boo/Tickety Brew story up quick before this all happens again.
  • Wongaporkpies
    Breaking News The Bangles record a new version of walk like an Egyptian. Walk with a limp due to being shot in the leg remix !

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