Please can I have a Big Mac, large fries and a degree please? Yes, to take out.


A while ago, we told you about how you could obtain GCSEs from McDonald's. Well, only a thick person would do that wouldn't they? That's because they're offering degrees now. That's right! There's brains to be found in those food joints, and we're not just talking about what they put in the ********* to ****** them up (redacted for legal reasons)

The burger chain are introducing a degree course in business management for its restaurant bosses in the UK. This foundation degree will be accredited by Manchester Metropolitan University.

In what must be a first, Ofsted have given a fastfood chain an official "good" rating.

Senior vice-president David Fairhurst says it challenges "snobbish" misconceptions about McDonald's staff. "The old 'McJob' label is lazy and snobbish," he says.

The two-year foundation degree in managing business operations is a demonstration of how seriously the company takes the training of its staff, says Mr Fairhurst.

This means that you can get a recognised qualification without ever having to leave your job at McDonald's. Whether that's a good thing is your call. In a time when it is increasingly difficult to get into universities, maybe this is a rather good thing?

That said, Fairhurst says this isn't a philanthropic gesture, as improved skills in the workforce lead to better sales. It still doesn't make it any less weird to hear that McDonald's are set to publish a company education prospectus though.



  • Mr G.
    A degree in conning the stupid? That's only what Theology students have been getting for centuries. Some might opine...
  • br04dyz
    and to think students were COMPLAINING about tuition fee's last week - this is a grabbit now freebie of a degree course....and they FEED YOU TOO!

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