Outrage as McDonald's are dropping Heinz

mcdonalds McDonald's have announced that they are ditching Heinz after a 40-year partnership, all because the company is led by someone who used to run Burger King. The massive, massive babies.

"As a result of recent management changes at Heinz, we have decided to transition our business to other suppliers over time," McDonald's said in a statement. "We have spoken to Heinz and plan to work together to ensure a smooth and orderly transition."

This means we'll get some horrible, vinegary ketchup (as seen as fairs and festivals) and mayo that resembles milk of magnesia. Grim times. Riots likely.

Heinz fans will be pleased to know that Burger King has been a customer of theirs for decades and uses their sauces in 80% of markets around the world, so that's that.

However, this could all be averted if McDonald's go for a superior sauce. And what might that be? Well, any fool knows that the best ketchup on the planet is Daddies and anyone who tells you otherwise is quite clearly insane and should be tossed into the sea at the earliest convenience.


  • dvdj10
    Well not entirely true Mof. Heinz has been bought by 3G Capital who also own Burger King, so not just because "someone who used to work for them now runs Heinz". You're effectively lining the pockets of your competitor which isn't generally business sense. They're not going to look much if any business from it. McDs BBQ sauce is liked so I hardly think they're going to make a hash of it. This has been going on since Feb so I'm sure they've thought things through.
  • cicobuff
    Whatever company makes the "Bramwell" range of condiments for Aldi would be on to a winner, their mayo and sauces are fantastic.
  • cicobuff
    There again, if you are going to fill your face full of junk fast food like this Burger King make far superior junk burgers to McDonalds anyway.
  • youngy
    As dvdj10 says it makes business sense, contrary to what various sites are reporting it's not just down to the CEO, Heinz is now part of same group as BK. Who's to say they won't hugely ramp up pricing, or constrain supply. It's just better McD remove that dependency, Heinz isn't the only tomato ketchup out there after all.
  • Egan C.
    I'll have some Gold Star brown sauce, please.
  • shiftynifty
    Condiments to the chef!!!

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