Nugget denial leads to another McDonalds meltdown

10 August 2010

There’s only one thing we all love more than a wacky pricing error here at Bitterwallet and that’s a full-blown meltdown in a fast food establishment. So here’s one to start the day off with, straight from the US of Americana.

Sadly there’s no audio but the whole thing was supposedly sparked off by the fact that McDonalds wouldn’t sell this customer any chicken nuggets as it was still breakfast time. Cue the one-woman riot…


  • mistersmee
    I love the way the next car in the queue just pulls up to the window after she leaves.
  • Pedant
  • Andyrew
    @mistersmee. me too! Next please. No quarter pounders you say? AAAARRRRGGHH!
  • pottsuk
    shes a addict for the shit
  • Alexis
    She shouldn't have let go of her hair and got her colleague to both have a good old tug of war.
  • Meh
    And yet the timestamp on the top says 19:44. Something not quite right with the back story.
  • Jonny S.
    They're just telling her she's a skank and they've recently gone upmarket with their refurbs so they can't serve her
  • Lumoruk
    good spot meh
  • Gunn
    Did she wish her a happy new year?
  • Tom
    Her elbow would have hurt after that! The time stap also says 2009-12-31, the video posted on youtube 09 August 2010
  • blagga
    I love the way she lifts her larded-up leg-drumstick with the lame intention of climbing through the hatch but then realises the lactic acid build-up in her muscles won't permit it.
  • a b.
    if that were a northern lass she would have twatted her with a black pudding whilst still holding a baby sucking on her tit
  • The B.
    That's my mum that is.
  • Ronald
    LMAo I would never have taken that I Would of smashed her head with the window, Americans and their nuggets in this country we get this sort of behaviour from the pikeys, thieving cunts.
  • smashingnicey
    Sons of Bitterwallet. You must be so very proud of your mother.
  • Windyscotian
    This is a disgusting display of anger!

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