Nudists want booze, which local residents aren't happy about

16 August 2013

naked airport Britain's first naturist spa hotel wants an alcohol licence, because what could be better than the feeling of a summer breeze on your undercarriage while drinking a refreshing beer? Well, local residents aren't best pleased about the idea because they think it could encourage ’lewd behaviour’ by guests.

Councillor Robert Alden is frightened that alcohol would turn the Clover Spa and Hotel, in Erdington, Birmingham, into a strip club, which would in turn attract ‘local youths and troublemakers’.

"There will be a rise in inappropriate behaviour and displays of flesh," he said, as he pointed out the establishment in Chester Road was visible from a children’s nursery. That'd be children not long of the boob that fed them and not worried about nudity like weirdo adults are.

An unnamed local curtain-twitcher complained to the council that 'naturism (predominately male), alcohol and children should not be in close proximity'. Women, it seems, are fine.

Tim Higgs, the owner of the hotel, reckons these objections are unfounded: "I do not get where the objectors are coming from. It is a spa, a respectful, quality establishment for naturists, not a pub, you can’t just come in off the street."

He added that councillors were free to visit the premises whenever they wished.

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  • Captain.Cretin
    No. Been pondering for several days. Still cant see how a protest about the US TSA wankers relates to a Spa in "Brumijum" asking for an alcohol licence. One question though. If they are wet and naked, where to they keep the folding stuff to pay for the drinks??? Should I start to wear gloves when handling money???
  • tom
    The amount of fecal matter on money, notes and coins, is quite surprising.
  • Naive
    Ha ha! I LOVE that Feral Trolley photo!! I can't wait to see next week's!!!
  • badger
    @ tom I know. Sorry about that.
  • Cheesey
    How can we deny naturists their 'uman rights to have a bevy? Most naturists look like Janet Street Porter or Phil Jupitus and the only way either of them are going to get laid are if they are blind drunk.

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