Now serving... the McDonalds English Pub Burger

Anybody who has a) been to either New York or New Orleans and b) subsequently tasted a New York Classic or New Orleans Deluxe from McDonalds will know the burgers have nothing whatsoever in common with the cities - although to be fair, you probably guessed that without visiting. Like the News of the World, it's an entirely tasteless affair but they've stayed in business purely because the public will happily feed on whatever shit they're shovelled.

Over the other side of the Atlantic, Americans have to put up with the same nonsense. They're about to be introduced to an English Pub Burger, which clearly has never seen any alehouse east of Coney Island. The delicacy is currently being trialled in Illinois, where customers can buy the Angus beef patty with hickory-smoked bacon, white Cheddar and American cheeses, grilled onions, steak sauce and smoky Dijon mustard sauce on an artisan roll.

Y'know, that steak sauce, hickory-smoked bacon and white cheddar we all wolf down in Blighty? Lovely jubbly. Maccy D's even translate common English words such as fancy and smashing to hilarious effect. Ah ha ha ha! Cor blimey, apples and pears etc etc. Idiots.

Bitterwallet - McDonalds English Pub Burger

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  • The B.
    Of course Dijon is just beside Guildford.
  • .1.
    Well that was poorly written diatribe, what a pointless post...although that's the standard I have come to expect. Bitterwallet=idiots.
  • Grumpy
    Maybe it's called English Pub Burger because they're playing on the British stereotype of never accurately replicating foreign dishes, especially in our pubs?
  • Alexis
    American cheese on a British burger? Reminds me of an authentic margherita pizza I saw in Morrisons once. It was topped with Red Leicester.
  • Avon B.
    American cheese, even their interpretation of cheddar, is soapy, tasteless, fluorescent orange fat-mush. If they really want to do traditional English pub food, they'd be selling curries.
  • Dick
    I had hickory smoked bacon in a bacon burger in a pub last week. It is seen as up-market or gourmet. In fact, they did describe it as a gourmet burger. And isn't white cheddar just what americans use to refer to mild cheddar?
  • Tom
    At least McDonald's could be bothered to read through their advertisement and correct their typos and spelling mistakes before publishing...
  • The B.
    Where the bloody hell's my post gone this time? What is it with this site and posts disappearing?
  • Paul S.
    The Real Bob - apologies Bob, it's Akismet; it randomly highlights some comments as spam for some reason we can't figure out. Tom - I'm sorry, would you like a refund?
  • Tom
    Paul - Apology accepted. I wont be requesting a refund on this occasion but I would greatly appreciate it if you could be bothered to get rid of most of your typos before publishing.
  • Brian's U.
    Cor blimey guv'nor. Dick van Dyke/Don Cheadle must have come up with that burger, innit bruv.
  • Phil
    Might pop into my local and ask for one tonight?
  • nospamjl
    Smashing is actually an English version of an Irish phrase.
  • nospamjl
    And so is gob.
  • samuri
    better than betty's hot pot
  • Paul S.
    Tom - certainly! I'll do my best to remove the two typos that have seemingly caused you some sort of massive brain trauma today, if you promise to leave comments that have a point of some sort. Deal, sizzlechest?
  • The B.
    Good Lord, there's another one gone.
  • The B.
    Ha, see it's that place in Surrey wot does it.
  • The B.
    Hmmm, is it place names?
  • The B.
    Very odd.
  • The B.
    That's 4 out of 5 so far.
  • Dick
    Posts have gone fucking crazy today. Some appearing instantly, others never appear, others taking hours. Has BW forgotten to pay it's bill or something?
  • Charlie
    Can't imagine ever getting served something like this in a Wetherspoons...
  • Grumpy
    @Charlie - no, you're right. We can only live and hope that one day Wetherspoons will be able to raise itself to this standard of cuisine...
  • Real k.
    Looks like the real bob loves a burger, while his male partner helps him extract his special sauce lovely jubbly bitterwallet=idiots correct bitterwallet users = idiots

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