No-one watches the World Cup in a Wetherspoons

world-cup-football The pubs and beer sales are always up when the World Cup is on, but the football has not helped Wetherspoons at all.

You see, they don't usually show football, and during the World Cup, they've seen their sales weaken.

In a trading statement before its financial year ends on 27 July, Wetherspoon said: "Sales have been slightly weaker during the World Cup. Although sales have slowed in recent weeks, the company remains confident of a reasonable outcome in the current financial year."

Now here's a thing - Wetherspoon pubs have actually shown matches during the international football tournament, but fans have obviously not noticed. Maybe it would've been an idea to shout about it a bit more earlier on in proceedings, rather than waiting until there's bugger-all games left?

Shares have fallen a bit and the company have also decided to shut up shop a little earlier than usual.

They said the government's late-night levy, which allows councils to charge for the extra costs of policing late boozers had gone up by around £4,000 a year in various places.

"Wetherspoon has decided to reduce opening hours from the current 1am to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays at most of our affected pubs, as and when the levy is introduced or renewed - a retrograde step for pubs," Wetherspoon said.


  • JonB
    I'm not surprised that Wetherspoons haven't done well from the World Cup. I remember watching the 2010 World Cup at a local Wetherspoons because the beer was cheap and they had a projector screen. However, I went in for the Brazil-Netherlands quarter-final only to be told that they were showing Andy Murray lose at Wimbledon instead of the footie. This despite the posters stating "Watch EVERY World Cup match here".
  • Slacker
    Wetherspoons pubs are invariably devoid of character and serve beer that tastes like piss. I've been watching the World Cup (when I can be arsed) in our lovely local hostelry, which serves real ale and food that does't go 'ping'.
  • jim
    yeah the slough weather spoon is full of tramps. the beer smells of burnt hair (yes burnt hair - mmm what a lovely aroma) oh and everyone looks about 15 in there. well apart from the old tramps - who look like they have been cast away on a desert island for the last year. so why would anyone not a tramp or a teenager go there?

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