Nightclub that sells 10p drinks raises prices... to 25p

hilarious-drunk-man You may have seen some newspapers going crackers over a nightclub that has been selling drinks for 10p. We're talking booze drinks here, not orange squash. After being hammered by health officials, they've seen the error of their ways and put their prices up.

To 25p a drink.

So what drink can you get from Mamas Paradise in Pontardawe? Shots of knock-off Sourz filled with antifreeze? Not on your Nelly. Clubbers have been knocking back 10p pints of Strongbow, Carlsberg and Fosters. Finally, a someone prices those drinks correctly!

They also have ridiculous offers on alcopops and shots, which means everyone the former Welsh steel town is having a wonderful time.

This isn't the first time the club bosses have had to put their prices up. They once sold booze for 1p, but they lost their licence for that. Still, at 25p, they're still determined to party out of the recession and Mamas Paradise will be keeping their prices low because they want to "defend people’s right to party".


A spokesman for the club said: "Unfortunately, due to the publicity we had on Halloween we can no longer do the 10p per drink. We are keeping the price as low as possible to try and defend your right to party. We are still the cheapest night out you will get."

The club has been caught up in a long running battle with the licensing department at Neath Port Talbot Council over its quest to provide outrageously cheap booze.

Paul Roberts, the chief executive of the Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board, isn't happy, saying: "It is irresponsible to sell alcohol so cheaply. I call on licensees and the bodies which licence pubs and clubs to consider carefully the effects of encouraging people to drink in excess."

He probably then knocked back a shot glass of Malibu and then removed his top as 'Sex Bomb' came on.


  • shiftynifity
    Beats paying £8.50 for two becks in twatty shoreditch
  • Father J.
  • Alexis
    £8.50? Cost me £11 in Muswell Hill!

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