New pizza box technology ready for delivery

And now, this report from Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth:

"Good news everyone! I've invented the pizza box of the future! Not that the demonstration video makes a lick of sense - if you're eating a pizza at home you'll have the use of plates, and last time I checked they were recyclable."

Besides, there's no need to bother with origami-based environmentally-friendly nonsense, not when Pizza Express are offering 2-for-1 on their new menu range. (deal posted by joshm at

[Boing Boing]


  • badmans
    Hot pizza in the fridge? Also, students have been doing this for years, who cares how neat the edges are?
  • SJT
    and you can't do this with a normal pizza box because......?
  • Jill
    I could never order a pizza then only eat one slice of it!
  • Icaro
    Este1 me1s que claro que se inventaron por eso. Lo de la prctcoeif3n ocular, es secundario.Todos los inventos tienen algo Freudiano... todo por el sexo!!Arf, arf!!Salud/OS!

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