New booze klaxon: it's all happening for ladies and barbecue fans Unless you’re suffering from the unpleasant condition that is alcoholism, there can never be enough booze in the world. And now there’s two more new boozes that are about to hit the market, including one aimed specifically at the ladies.

It’s called Animee and yes, it’s a stupid name. But brewers Molson Coors have spent two and a half years and £1 million on research during its creation, so what do we know about anything?

It’ll come in three varieties – standard clear-filtered, rose and citrus flavours and it’ll be all over our pubs, bars and supermarkets from next month. Molson Coors say that it’ll be less gassy than ordinary beers, preventing the unwelcome sight of ‘ladies’ belching in public houses and beer gardens.

The second newcomer is Carling Chrome – a beer with a built-in web browser. Hang on, no it isn’t. In fact it’s said to be a premium 4.8% lager to be sold in 330ml bottles. Molson Coors say that it is ‘aimed at drinkers who want more flavour or a product more suited to a barbecue or dinner’.

That’s your £1 million worth of research and development for you, right there.


  • Marketing W.
    Yeah yeah. Lager for the laydeez was tried years ago with 'Bleu de Brasserie'. It bombed.
  • Ace
    I was a market tester for the new carling and it's not too bad actually! A bit like corona with a smooth finish! Much better than the piss water that is normal carling! Though they said they were marketing it at the peroni end of the price bracket and if they do theyre on to a loser as it's not as nice as that!
  • M4RKM
    +Ace. If they're marketing it at the Peroni end of the market, the big problem is they have called it Carling!
  • Mark C.
    Does it have actual chromium in it?
  • Boris
    Bollocks. More piss poor beer I have to try.
  • Bazinga
    Beer for ladies is called "white wine spritzer" surely?
  • Ace
    @ M4RKM Thats exactly what I said but got shot down and said it doesn't matter as carling are the number one beer in the UK so it can't possibly be seen as a weak brand! My response was that it was only number 1 cause it's the cheapest and all the dirty scoundrels and skanks drink it! At this point I was given my cash and told to leave! Apart from all that it's suprisingly nice - and I hate carling!
  • kv
    it's a pint for the gent, white wine/fruit based drink for the lady
  • Dick
    Some women want to drink men's beer because they want to show they are equal to men, and can down pints of 6% lager before throwing up in the car park. Why would they want rose flavoured beer ffs.

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