Necessity is the mother of the McJob, we all love to hate McDonald's: we grouse about the food, complain about the calories, and make documentaries about how it's slowly killing millions of people. But the fact is, in today's economy with jobs as scarce as hen's teeth, McDonald's is defying the downturn, keeping thousands of people employed and augmenting the household incomes of those who have lost jobs as well as those who are new to the work force (think: teenagers).

Professionals who have been made redundant make up some of the 2000+ applicants per day that are turned in at McDonald's throughout the UK. The company continues to hire hundreds of people each month in an economic environment that is decidedly dismal.

While people use employment at the company that inspired the term "McJob" as the object of jokes and some amount of ridicule, 67,000 people in the UK bring home paycheques from McDonald's. People are doing what they have to do in order to make ends meet, and with McDonald's, one of the few employers who haven't skidded into hard times in the recession, the company we love to hate is at least sending some income home to thousands of Brits who would be unemployed otherwise.

So would you take a "McJob" to keep some money coming into your household? What would you be willing to do to bring home a paycheque if you found yourself unemployed?


  • Joff
    If I was out of a job, I'd find the next available job. If it meant flipping burgers or even loading rubbish compactors at Asda I'd do it.
  • Joff
    I'd even write for Bitterwallet. Does it pay?
  • Schlong
    it pays in sex...
  • Nick
    Last summer I was looking for work as I moved away from home to live near my University. The only permanent job I could find after a month of searching was McDonald's. I took it, albeit after much hesitation. Here I am less than a year later; I've been promoted twice and now I'm a shift running manager. I started on the minimum wage, and now earn over £2 above the minimum wage for my age group! A McJob is not to be sneezed at, and hard work always pays off, even at McDonald's.
  • goon
    living the dream eh
  • Namer
    It's not that people can't find a job, the fact is people don't want to work in certain jobs. There are numerous jobs available.
  • zeddy
    @goon: lol
  • clarelouise25
    I agree with nick. I worked in Mcdonalds when i was 17, and i know many other people who worked there and loved it. It's not half as bad as people make out and it does pay quite well!
  • pauski
    Nick - fair ply to you. I wish you every success. One question though - could you let me know if it is true about the "egg" in the McMuffin?
  • Tommy
    I worked at McD's when I was at college an uni, and one thing it does is teach you how hard a job can be. My years their were incredibly character building, and have served me well ever since. The money is also much better than most similar jobs, so whilst people mock, they really should see the good side to a company which at least tries to look after its staff a little.
  • The B.
    Sod it, I started working in a fishmongers at 15 ( the ladies love that fishy smell), did Waitrose (crap), ASDA (pay very well), Allders(they're not around any more), BHS( deathtrap, shit pay), all weekend/holiday jobs, as long as you work, who the feck carets?l
  • mister o.
    a job is a job. i went fron 25k a year at a vehicle manufacturer to 21 hrs a week at tesco as a customer assistant ( via 4 months on the dole) i love it. never worked in retail before, and i am working with some really great people. knobends like goon and zeddy may knock low paid jobs like mcd's etc, but nick is right-hard work normally pays of wherever you work. you two spanners are probably just like the dicks who never say thanks, complain there is no ketchup and throw your rubbish on the floor in the carpark. arseholes. good luck to you both when the bad times come knocking.
  • Bwah h.
    You've got to do what you've got to do to get by. If that means Mac D's then so be it. Personally I have always said i will do any job apart from Mac D's but I'm pretty certain I would do it if I had to.
  • Dean3988
    I work At maccie d's :D
  • no,I'mspartacus
    I think them people wot sells Big Issue should smarten themselves up, half of them looks like tramps!!!
  • Namer
    I think you should take an English Language course.
  • zeddy
    @mister oddball: Pick up my rubbish from the table and bin it unlike others around me. However I do find it bloody annoying when the arseholes, as you so eloquently put it, think it ok to hold a full blown conversation with their colleagues when they are actually serving you. You begin to wonder if they realise you are there. I find it strange that I tend to be the one saying thank you when I am served. Cannot recall the last time someone in retail said it to me for bringing my custom apart maybe from Asda employees. Works both ways.
  • Benjiman
    I once worked cold-calling people on the phone selling timeshare holidays! Paid for a new gearbox for my mini though.. Even though it did cost me my soul.
  • Nick
    @ pauski - the eggs used for the McMuffins are just like the ones you'd buy in a super market. @zeddy - there is good and bad in all sorts. For sure there are the rude staff who have little motivation to appear interested in you or their job, but you get them where ever you go. Unfortunately they do stick out like a sore thumb in retail or any kind of job requiring them to work on the front line of customer service. At the end of the day I'm pretty sure with the increasing competition for jobs, even at McDonald's, they won't be around for long, as someone with enthusiasm and manners will no doubt be waiting in the wings to replace them.
  • mister o.
    @zeddy-well done for behaving like ninety five percent of their customers, but does staff chatting give you an excuse to look down on and deride them? the pay is crap and the job is probably hard work, its a burger joint-not the fucking ritz! do people have to serve you in revered silence to display respect to their obvious superior? and the arseholes comment was aimed at goon for posting drivel and yourself for agreeing with it
  • -> H.
    Is a McJob similar to a McBlowJob? I went in for a burger, but got a McBlowJob from the greasy chav slag on tills.
  • goon
    well it is a shit job. anyone who thinks it isn't is a retard.
  • Darren
    Mister Oddball - the problem with tescos is that all staff are rude, simple as, yes I am the C*CK who doesn't say thank you at the tills, demands a plastic carrier and doesn't move his plates from the cafe when finished... if you want to throw your career away for the sake of a job at tesco's then so so be it my friend, but I guarantee you that if you was to lose you job tomorrow, not one soul in Tesco's would remember you 8 weeks later and the next person is probably living the fake dream. I dont ask for good customer service, I demand it, a smile at the till, a quick chat about the weather, Rapport building etc.... a smile and a thank you, not listening to you guys drove on about how long you have been on the tills for, shouting over to the supervisor when your lunch is... Our local tescos force you out of the cue if there is a self service till open, I dont want self service, I want customer service... I dont mind waiting, Im in no rush to get back to the office... but still you demand I move to a self service till... I just wind up those sensors hanging over your till to show if the cue is getting to big... Carrier bags, I want one with everyshop, I got questioned as to why I want a bag for a pint of milk and loaf this morning... MMM... let me think.. to carry it you dimwit?? and regards to staff talking giving me an excuse to deride you... Hell yes Mister oddball Im glad you enjoy your job, truly I am in these difficult times... but its only a Tesco's job!
  • Common P.
    The high rollers and snobs who come to this forum and make retarded comments need to grow up. Your actually looking down on people because they work in Maccy D’s and actually enjoy it? You’re probably the type of person who would claim doll money because the jobs available are not for people like you but for peasants. What do you want people to do in Tesco’s and Maccy D’s, wipe your mofo ass for you? A lot of places have rude, obnoxious staff on the front line, but there are some real gems out there (you know who you are). And to all the people who can work, yet choose not to because your too reliant on the government to spoon feed you, Mr T will have fun with your chocolate star you punk a$$ beyatches.

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