Mullets are on the menu at Italian restauarant

30 August 2009

Using the likes of Babelfish is all well and good when you want a foreign phrase translating into a string of English words that make less sense. It's a universal problem - Bitterwallet reader Jason visited a restaurant in San Remo where the Italian owners attempted to satisfy their English patrons but made a orecchio di un maiale of it:

Even after seeing the menu we decided to try and eat there. After 45 minutes of crap service we walked out. Just as well, because I didn't really fancy bone holing the Milanese.


  • Tom P.
    P. Smith, how cum you are working your bollocks off today (a Sunday!), when your mate A. Dawson is relaxing on the sun lounger in his back garden? BTW i "have" to work Sundays!
  • Bullet
    orecchio di un maiale, using Babel translates as Ear of the Pig.......Oh I see you were being funny.
  • Fish S.
    Triglie is the Italian name for the Mullet. A fish. So....what were you expecting?
  • Jibby
    a mullet is a fish? Never heard of one before. Learn something new every day....
  • Rubisco
    Lol, I thought everyone knew there was a fish called the mullet? BW has messed up many times in the past, but this has to be the worst. Epic fail.
  • Shorty
    Screw the mullets. Although they might be nice with some raspberry jus. Bone holing the Milanese cracked me up.
  • juankerr
    Duh.. you thought a Red Mullet was a ginger lads hairstyle all "business in the front, party in the back" , not a tasty fish ? Way to show your ignorance, and a massive missed oportunity in the headline department as the Milanese Bone Hole is just shouting Comedy Gold.
  • Existentialist T.
    M to the E to the N to theUzzy

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