McDonald's uniform gets more tasteful than their food

10 July 2012

Wayne Hemmingway (zero points to anyone shouting 'Waaayne' like they were on the Big Breakfast) has redesigned the uniforms that McDonald's staff will be wearing, and remarkably, some of the clothes look quite nice. And it would seem that Mad Men has been something of an inspiration.

McDonalds uniforn

McDonald's staff will now, along with their appalling acne and greasy hair, wear "gherkin" green polo shirts, "mustard" yellow belts and a distinct McCheck (which has a slight resemblance to Don's bright plaid sportcoat).

Red or Dead's Hemingway says that the uniforms "hark back to a day of really classy air travel," adding that "there's just a little bit of Mad Men" with pencil skirts and skinny ties booting lousy caps and ill-fitting t-shirts out of the way. All 85,000 UK staff will be wearing this new uniform by the time Autumn comes around.

See the full gallery of outfits here

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  • Chester
    Was that female model £1 less?
  • Mr M.
    Vintage Mad Men bolloxs that the media keep telling us we love.
  • ShakesHeadSadly
    No one will wear the jacket indoors, it's not practical. And underneath, he looks like he's wearing army fategues. Also, what's wrong with that woman's head? Is she some sort of human/owl hybrid?
  • sicknote
    making fat people for over 30 years.
  • not c.
    with pencil skirts and skinny ties booting lousy caps and ill-fitting t-shirts out of the way ..those'll look SO good on the spotty fat arses working at Mc-Shiteburger won't it. Wayne Hemingway, you are a Funny & enterprising guy usually, however I can't help thinking "you corporate whore" & lose all sense of respect for you that I once had! ... for fucks sake wayne, partnering up to those wankers & sellers of sugary poison & tasteless filth! FFS Hemingway.

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