McDonalds tries to ban youths, but can't spell

It seems some people can't do write for doing wrong, even when badly spelled. The management of a London branch of McDonalds have been forced to apologise and retract a ban on youths after putting up this mis-spelled sign in the window of the branch in Sidcup.

no youths

But despite their shocking English skills (let's face it, they are working in McDonalds), you have to have some sympathy for the management, who put up the sign after a group of teenagers caused "sustained disruption" on a Saturday night.

Unfortunately for the branch, however, even before the Great Golden Arches in the sky overturned the ban, the teenagers themselves had already outwitted the management. One customer told the London Evening Standard “I couldn't help but laugh because it was full of youths at 6.50pm."

Welcoming said spotty youths with open arms, a McDonald's spokeswoman said: “I can confirm that there is no age restriction policy in place at the McDonald's restaurant on Sidcup High Street" but acknowledged the management had taken “urgent steps to try and prevent repeat anti-social behaviour." Police confirmed they were called to the branch to investigate anti-social behaviour.

The spokeswoman continued: “McDonald's is a family-friendly restaurant that welcomes everyone through its doors."

While clearly being politically correct, many city and town centre branches of the fast food chain sport bouncers in the evenings to try and reduce the amount of unacceptable behaviour in the stores. Surely the branch in question was only trying to serve the majority of its customers, rather than rendering the whole restaurant inaccessible owing to a minority group of oiks.

Perhaps the sign was incorrect. Perhaps the first word should have been 'All' and the mis-spelled word was actually 'severed'…


  • Grammar N.
    It's a bit rich Bitterwallet criticising the spelling and grammar of other people!!
  • zeddy
    Carlsberg don't do irony...
  • Ginge M.
    Pot calling the kettle black alert!
  • Grammar N.
    Whilst pretty much every article on Bitterwallet has a spelling or grammar error, the vast majority of them are not "ironic".
  • james d.
    I never understand why a blanket ban of a whole section of society is totally unacceptable except when it's based on age. If some people (youths are people remember) are misbehaving then ban them not all youths.
  • Han S.
    ^^ What he said
  • zeddy
    The irony is pointing out the spelling error of others by writers here!
  • Carl
    A typo, by somebody who presumably makes lots of references during their working lives to the word "server". Hardly worthy of derision.
  • Kevin
    ' If some people (youths are people remember) are misbehaving then ban them not all youths.' If the majority of those causing problems are youths then it's just easier, why spend more time on them?
  • Faysh
    @Kevin Yes, let's invite the touble-making little shits round for tea and biscuits. At your house, not mine. About 15 years ago, i used to work as a security guard in McDonalds in Central London. Stop and read that again "Security Guard" in "McDonalds". It's a fast food "emporium", why did they need security? Because of these fucking youths who have fuck all else to do than a) want to get on Jeremy Kyle and b) cause trouble in McDonalds. The pathetic little pricks.
  • james d.
    And if some black customers start creating trouble we can just ban all black people from the place too right! Sounds like a simple policy.
  • Dick
    They meant severed. The dangerous job of getting that stuck burger out of the machine is obviously done before 7pm.
  • Profanity P.
    Grammar Nazi, I agree!!! Youth's who swear should be banned. Kevin, did they fire you for your bad language? Potty mouths!!!
  • ana
    They should do what shopping malls in the US do, just play classical music after a certain time, or maybe Rat Pack music.

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