McDonald's to become largest book distributor in the UK

mcdonalds_logo McDonald's marketing team are forever coming up with ideas that annoy people who like to slag them off. Unhealthy? We sell loads of salad, dufus. Too much salt? We have removed more salt from food than anyone else, ever! We're bad people? Have you seen how much money we give to charities and hospitals? Making people fat? We don't patronise our customers and we let them choose to eat what they want! The photos on our menus look different from what you buy? Here's why.

They're so sly they should be applauded.

And now, they're about to become the biggest book distributor in the UK by replacing Happy Meal toys with books.

That's right - McDonald's have just launched a new Happy Meal promotion with Kobo, the e-reader and e-book company. Until June 17th, McDonald's will be offering a code for a free e-book and, on top of that, you'll get an additional voucher on the side of a Happy Meal box for a £1 print book or e-book series.

Your child (or you, if you're an adult who likes Happy Meals) will be able to get books by Enid Blyton from the Secret Seven and The Famous Five series. Maccies will sell around 15 million Happy Meals in the UK during the time of the promotion, which will make them the biggest children's book distributor in the country this year.

And the moaning hippies? What have they done to help 15 million kids to read? Squat.

There is a slight drawback - this giveaway requires you to have a smart phone or an e-reader, which some parents will be irked at. However, this is another smart move for McDonald's as they build up ammo to throw back at detractors.



  • jim
    so they arent actually books - just ebooks. or mc-books they are still diks
  • Fagin
    does this book also come with annoying adverts for mcdonalds & tracking to see when you drive your fatmobile to eat some badly ground up beef & bone / slurry meat? To be able to read requires a modicum of intelligence, to eat at Mcdonalds & call it food shows what a primate you are, therefore why would you want or need a book? having seen what many mcdonalds customers do with their packaging I expect e-readers to be thrown in a desperate attempt to "release the pages bound within" (& fail) along many of the uk highway verges travelled by "Mc-spods" the eff-wits.

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