McDonald's stick some Camembert on some burgers

Even though everyone pretty much wants McDonald's to be honest, and just make greasy, glorious treats, they've been pushing the idea of healthiness and fanciness.

They've been offering table service and reducing salt, and all that jive. We want sausage and egg McMuffins, all day long, rather than the stupid 6 minute window from when you wake up.

Whatever - McDonald's aren't listening, and are carrying on by being a bit la-di-da. How? Well, they're going to start serving a Camembert burger.

And here it is.


As ever, this new thing is being launched in Japan (who get everything) and it is called the Camembert Teritama Burger. For your money, you get a pork patty with teriyaki sauce, a bit of lettuce, egg, and a blob of warm Camembert. On bread, obviously.

This is the second Camembert burger McD's have done - a few years ago, in France, they served the McCamembert, which means there's a chance we could see it in the UK.

Failing that, McDonald's - come on - all day breakfasts. Now.

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