McDonald's start displaying calorie count on menus

Things are going to look very different in McDonald’s ‘restaurants’ from this week. Where normally the ‘diners’ would shuffle to the counter to place their order, you can now expect to first see them standing and staring at a menu, while doing some mental arithmetic or calculator-fuelled sums.

That’s because the wildly popular food-peddlers are about to start displaying the calorie count of every item on their menu, allowing diet-conscious munchers to make an informed decision before filling their faces.

The move comes as part of a voluntary government-led programme to reduce obesity and help us all become fitter not fatter. Let’s face it – if McD’s REALLY want transparency, they’ll fess up as to why Hamburglar was originally called The Lone Jogger...


  • Kevin
    It'll be useful as you'll know how many times your daily intake you are eating. But then that's your choice I guess.
  • Mark
    I'd settle for being able to see a menu before being asked what I'm having when using the drive thru.
  • Skymarshall
    Dare I say it.... Walk inside and look at the menu?
  • Sillyarm
    McDs have always (at least 20 years) displayed calories of all items under the paper thing that comes on the tray. Turn it over its there. So nothing new here really.
  • Jeebus
    They've been doing this for years over here in Korea, in fact they all do (KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, etc). Although to counterbalance that they do deliver 24 hours a day for free!
  • loisstamm
    Looking for samples? I received the sample quickly. Thanks to "Get Samples 123" for the samples. I can't wait to get another in the mail!
  • Boris
    @loisstamm Please send me some samples. I can't wait ot get some in the mail.
  • captain.cretin
    Bloody SPAM in the comments thread!! What's next, McD customers who can READ!!!?? I'm betting the calorie info will be in crayon; after all, they have to aim it at their main demographic.
  • Dick
    Let's face it, some people will use this to order the most calorific meal going, as they think it will make them look cool.
  • F I.
    I don't what you're all getting so het up about, to counteract any calories you simply have a diet coke with your meal, I have to go now, I've exhausted myself typing that sentence.
  • DP
    @F Ikfatty Diet coke tastes like fox p***. Have half and half. And remember, anything with lettuce in it has to be good for you.
  • captain.cretin
    Diet coke does NOT taste like fox piss; fox piss is drinkable, diet coke is only useful for removing stubborn stains or enamel paint. (and as a spermicide if you can believe an old article in Playboy, although they did say Classic coke worked better.)
  • PokeHerPete
    Talking of the drive thru, whats the etiquette of people sitting there looking at the menu when theres a massive gap infront of them? I drive round them, I know what the fuck I want.
  • diana
    nah.. won't do anything. think it'd have to be like smoking to actually reduce obesity (numbers of smokers have reduced year on year for decades). make it cheaper to eat healthy, more expensive to eat unhealthy along with education about it, I guess.

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