McDonald's roll out table service at 400 UK branches

mcdonalds If McDonald's want to make loads of money, all they need to do is serve their breakfast menu all day. Obviously, they're putting that off for some reason (apart from in the US, where it is working), so they're trying table service.

The gristle vendor is rolling out table service to around 400 of their restaurants, so now, you'll be able to buy a Big Mac from one of their digital kiosks, and someone will bring you your grub on a tray while you mess about on your phone and avoid eye-contact with anyone.

This will be kicking off in February, after Maccies trialled this way of doing things in 14 locations, and it turned out to be rather well liked.

There's more - McDonald's are also doubling the amount of places where you'll be able to order from their 'Signature Collection'. If you missed what that is, it is McDonald's offering food that is made-to-order, with Michelin-chef approved ‘thicker’ burgers. This is a thing at 28 restaurants, soon to be more.

McDonald’s UK CEO Paul Pomroy says: "We opened 26 new restaurants last year and the rollout of our reimaging programme is transforming the way we serve customers, and has been a key growth driver. To date, over 300 restaurants have been refurbished and we expect a further 350 to be completed and reopened for customers by the end of the year – an average of one every day."

Fans of burgers want more grease, and more gloop to pour all over their chips (have you seen the way British kids drool over the American offerings at In N Out and such?), so whether this will all work, we've no idea.

We're just hoping that we don't end up having salad bars foisted upon us when we're willingly eating junk.

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  • kv
    "with Michelin-chef approved ‘thicker’ burgers" I'm sure he approved after they gave him a big sack of money

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