McDonald's reply to Burger King like massive, massive bores

We told you about Burger King taking out full page adverts, in a bid to make a 'McWhopper' for a fun publicity stunt. Well, McDonald's have responded and they couldn't be more boring about it.

Seriously. This is a company that has a clown for a mascot and they replied to Burger King in the driest way possible. Even drier than a Quarter Pounder with cheese.

Steve Easterbrook, McDonald's' fantastically tedious CEO, isn't keen on the idea, and posted a message on Facebook.


Get that. That was worse than listening to Michael Owen talk about... well... anything.

The responses from everyone on the post itself are far from complimentary. You can see them here, but the gist of the replies are; "Ending the 'Burger Wars' on Sept 21st would be a fun, unique way to raise awareness all in the name of PEACE. Shame on you McDonald's for your lousy response" and "What a crappy response. Burger King wasn't trying to compare your competition with real war, but thinks that this brilliant one-day idea would raise awareness at the concept of peace in this world, and you just shot that down. BK FTW."

There were funnier replies too. One scamp wrote: "u guys are seriously the worst. opportunity to do something fun and memorable but instead u guys act high and mighty (reminder: you sell animal dick meat on sugar buns, so settle down)", while another flatly stated that "the flippant comment regarding a phone call at the end has made Steve look like a world class nob end."

Indeed. Leaves a bad taste in the mouth, etc etc

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