McDonalds prefers Macs to PCs - what did you expect?

McDonalds PC vs Mac

In the eternal battle between PC nerds and Apple fanbois, who better to pitch in with their opinion than McDonalds? As much as we love our Macbooks, they're taking the piss a little bit, aren't they?



  • Im P.
    Macs... for those with more credit that sense
  • Dick
    I don't get it. Why do they prefer macs? Because the instructions for macs are shorter? Or do they prefer PCs as the instructions are more detailed? Or is it because they use an M for their wifi symbol? Which is what I would expect of McD's.
  • Phil
    It would make sense if it covered Windows 7 to the latest Mac OS. As it is XP was designed before WIFI was fully standised - hence why its a lot harder to setup. Maybe its just because more people have old PCs?
  • klingelton
    i don't get it, wifi on a win xp machine isn't difficult to set up. the different wifi agents that peoples supply make it a minefield, but the basic premise is the same. seems that computer shy know nothings buy macs, everyone else buy pc's!
  • mac u.
    Mcdonalds doesn't prefer macs... they show the instruction to whats needed to set it up... which is far less than windows. just because apple make it so much easier, quicker and pain free to use a computer than microsoft, doesn't mean that mac users have less sense. P.S. the people who prefer not to spend half an hour connection to a wifi-connection buy macs.

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