McDonalds now mulling over introducing waiter service

Bitterwallet - McDonalds chicken McNuggets McDonalds call their outlets 'restaurants' but are they really? There's no waiter service and they encourage you to put your leftovers in the bin once you're finished. But that could be all about to change as the burger pimps are dabbling in the idea of bringing table service to their 'restaurants'.

It's being trialled in their state-of-the-art venue in Milton Keynes (naturally) and hungry punters can give their order, have their food brought to them and settle the bill without once getting up off their fat arses. Just like in a 'proper' 'restaurant'. Thrilling stuff.

Their chief executive Jill McDonald says: “McDonalds has always been about convenience. We want to understand if table service is what people want." The Milton Keynes store, which we don't believe even exists, has sofas, extendable tables, banks of iPads and projectors that beam magic tricks to entertain the younglings. Not only THAT, but there's private meeting rooms with boardroom tables for 'business customers'.

The future's bright. The future's McDonalds. Or something.


  • Zleet
    The walk to the counter is probably the only exercise the tubby little fuckers get.
  • Avon B.
    Jill McDonald? I call bullshit. Not even Ray Kroc was called McDonald.
  • TeflonMan
    No, really. She's Ronald's lovechild.
  • MK d.
    Wow, that'll be the first eating establishment with waiters in MK. We're right sofistimikated up ere ain't we?
  • steve
    Its the MK kingston store that has all the toys. Alternately you can go to the one on the 509 for the authentic pripyat experience.
  • klingelton
    appears to me that macdonalds is realising that the fast food market is going to contract in the coming years and is looking to change its offering. but how do you change a business without losing your core customers? this is going to be interesting how macdonalds shapes itself in the coming years.
  • Monald R.
    They already pay people to walk around their "restaurants" with balloons, food and other shit so they'll just get them to take orders as well.
  • Turd M.
    @ Teflon Man He's not her real dad. Don't tell her.
  • Dick
    What if you want to go for a piss at the table? Do they bring a potty? I find if you just leave, without putting rubbish in the bin, they eventually clear up after you anyway.
  • Ronald
    @klingelton far from it, the fast food sector made money during the recession and hired people. It is a very fast growing sector with no signs of slowing down.
  • Old M.
    @Dick: If you have left, how do you know if they clear up after you?
  • TeflonMan
    @ Turd McBurglar: Do you mean it's Old MacDonlad?
  • bob
    They have been bringing your order to your table for years. The best McDonald's I have been in is in the USA which had touch screen to pick and order and pay for your food. No more dealing with idiots on the tills.
  • Dick
    @ Old MacDonlad. Well, if the rubbish is not there when I return for my evening dinner then they have cleared up after my lunch. Also when I am eating there, you see staff clearing up after other people, so it is fairly safe to bet they clean up after me.

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