McDonalds - now giving away drugs & weaponry at drive-thru


Either McDonalds are trialling a new adult-themed range of Happy Meal free gifts or some of their crew members are indulging in a spot of criminal behaviour on the quiet.

One (un)lucky customer at a McDonalds in Charlston, South Carolina got a shocking extra with his drive-thru order recently. Along with the two bags of food that he and his companion in the passenger seat had asked for, he was handed an additional third bag.

Upon inspecting the bag further, he discovered that it contained a loaded handgun and a significant quantity of marijuana. The confused customer later found out that it was supposed to be have been given to the passengers of the car behind his. He found this out when said car started following him once he left the McDonalds.

Sensibly/stupidly (delete as appropriate) the bewildered burger fan pulled over and the firearm and drugs were handed back to their rightful owner. As far as we know, everyone in both cars had been given the correct food that they ordered. So it wasn't all bad news then.

The McD's crew member may have had at least one of the little gold stars removed from his badge as a result. We're slightly more clued-up as to why they're called crew members now too…


  • ball_sack
    I wish all Maccy D workers looked like her in the photo... Slaaaaaaag!
  • nipper
    Brings a new meaning to a happy meal with COKE please!!!!
  • The B.
    Man, I got the shakes.
  • Amanda H.
    The happy meal toys are usually crap.
  • zeddy
    Someone just gave her a Whopper (R).
  • Iggy P.
    Jesus, she must be tiny (compared to the stacks of cheese in the background)

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