McDonald's make double-patty sausage burger of beauty

A McDonald's in China is doing things very, very right by ignoring the world's need to try and be healthy and serving up a burger that glistens with brown meat, waiting for you to throw your head into it in greasy, orgasmic bliss.

As the promotional picture below shows, you can chow down on a burger that has two beef patties in it AND a pair of sausages with mustard.

And how much will it set you back? 17.50 Chinese yuan, which is roughly £1.85.

It goes without saying that we need this calorie taunting, artery hardening thing of outrageous joy in the UK and the sooner the better. Just look at the glorious lack of salad on it too!

Add a rasher of bacon on that and you can argue that mankind has reached its zenith.



  • chewbacca
    2 sausages! Ace 1 to suck off and another to stick up me bum worth every penny
  • Sporky M.
    Meh, you're such a tight ass that it would need to be a chipolata.
  • Marky M.
    Chinese reconstituted meat products. Made to the very highest standards of hygiene and animal welfare. I hope every single one of the fuckers who buys this trash enjoys a long, painful botulinum-enhanced death.
  • nick c.
    bought three already Yumm
  • Mop r.
    @ Marky Mark Go eat yer wheatgerm biscuits yer cunt!
  • kv
    a rasher of bacon? what other types of rashers are there?
  • Dr Z.
    A fillet, perhaps?
  • Grammar N.
    @kv - Turkey rashers
  • spermwastes
    ladies and germs, commentary from the morose! (points around.)

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