McDonalds letting the Japanese hog all the good new pie

As mentioned elsewhere, your correspondent went to see those monobrowed Manc musical water-treaders Oasis in concert last night for some reason that I'm still not entirely sure about. After arriving at the Stadium Of Light, then queuing at the bar for what seemed like an hour (but was in fact only 56 minutes,) I finally got a pint of lager fizz in my hand. Thinking on my feet and not wanting to repeat the whole process again, I seized the moment and promptly bought five more. before proceeding to then determinedly sup the lot like Ice Cold In Alex meets Groundhog Day.

Like almost everything else connected with the evening, I'm sort of regretting it a bit now. My brain is foggy, my mouth is dry and my body aches. Hangover food is required, but the one thing I really crave above all else is only to be found in Japanese branches of McDonalds. The Bacon Potato pie. Come on Ronald – bring it to Britain. Do it you wretched, teasing clown.

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  • Steve
    Mmmm, what about a bacon, potato and melted cheese one........
  • Francis R.
    Shit, dip that in some BBQ sauce and your in filth heaven, slobber, slobber...
  • wellsie
    how did you get drunk on that fizzy piss water! it was horrible. Did not see the first 15 mins of the enemy because of the stupid bar cue!
  • Andy D.
    @wellsie - I think the Guinness and gin I had afterwards tipped me over the edge.
  • I m.
    Yeah, seen ACDC earlier this year. I can only remember the first half an hour of the show because i tried to get all my drinks before the queue started. Turns out the queue to the bar was 5 minutes max. Ah well.
  • Matt B.
    Would make a tempting breakfast treat indeed.
  • The B.
    I'd need more than 6 beers to watch that bunch of c***s, anyway, yer perfect hangover cure is a nice Kiwi steak and cheese pie, nothing hits the spot like it.
  • To w.
  • ronald d.
    im ronald, im a big gay cunt who rips ppl off. watch me give people who cant beat the u.s.a bacon potato pie
  • The B.
    [...] been beamed back to the rest of Planet Earth from the future. Following the recent discovery of the bacon potato pie that is exclusive to their McDonald’s outlets, we note that another well-known brand are also [...]

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