McDonald's fire staff for being too generous

Someone who used to work for McDonald's is rubbing their hands with glee after they took the fastfood giant to court and won £3,000 in compensation. What did Maccies do? Well, they fired Sarah Finch from Wales for gross misconduct after they thought she'd given too many sprinkles to a colleague on a 99p McFlurry.

Too many sprinkles.

Not only did McDonald's see this as gross misconduct, but they looked at the situation like she was stealing from work.

She said in a statement: "I was dismissed on the grounds of gross misconduct. I was accused of stealing food. The matter was trivial, in that I provided a fellow employee, who was purchasing a dessert, a generous sprinkling of chocolate pieces."

"There is no standard for such measures - they are always imprecise and will vary among customers. My colleague had asked me, 'Make it a nice one'. So the measure I gave erred on the side of more than, rather than less than, the mean."

Too many sprinkles.

And now, Maccies are out of pocket (not that they'll notice) and looking like awful, dead-eyed arsebaskets in the press (something they're more likely to notice). Darren Newman, Finch's solicitor, said of the settlement: "With the assistance of ACAS we have reached a resolution - the tribunal is being withdrawn and there is no additional mention of liability. The parties have agreed not to disclose any more information apart from that the issue has now been resolved."

A McDonald's spokesperson added: "This matter has now been resolved to the satisfaction of both parties. The Employment Tribunal case has been withdrawn. No admission of liability was made."

All over slightly too many sprinkles. Astonishing.


  • Adam
    Would have been nice to see a verdict from a judge in such a case...
  • Sicknote
    I'd have cut the thieving bitches head off but some may say my I'm extreme.
  • Head
    Guess the manager was a being a twat, most think they are working on a banking trading floor or something, ffs don't let power go to your head!. I bet the manager got the boot in the end unless it was a franchise operation.
  • Stu_
    I take it this was a franchise?
  • Burglar K.
    Absolute Shithouses. Is Mcdonalds cola OK?
  • Mancky
    the infamous turd in coke vat story returns eh.....
  • Moose
    Happened at the Carmarthen shop which is a franchise like most of the ones around that part of Wales.
  • Head
    Do they bum foxes or sheep up them sides?

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