McDonalds Double Taste causes customer double take

Avid Bitterwallet reader Claire has spotted a subtle difference between the promotional material for the new McDonalds Double Taste Shake dessert, and what it looks like in reality:

Bitterwallet - McDonalds Double Taste
"Most unusual, McDonalds food ALWAYS looks exactly like it does in the pictures," adds Claire.


  • Joff
    Call it a dessert to avoid that it probably has a gazillion calories, ignoring the McMcMc burger and large fries.
  • Darren
    Do you really think people who eat in McDonalds take time to look at food, soon they will start making the staff wear protective gloves, so that the ravenous customers do not bite their hands off when trying to eat the calorific food before its even on the plate. McFattys
  • Mark C.
    I'm guessing they call it a dessert because if it's like any other McShake, it's not liquid enough to be called a drink.
  • Arnie
    "Claire" has got some pretty manly hands. . . . .
  • Craiga
    It would have looked exactly the same as the picture, but unfortunatly someone took a dump in it first.
  • Claire
    You should see my legs.
  • Dick
    To me it looks like they spiral the sauce around the edges of the plastic cup, then pour in the milk shake. Presumably this McDonald's colleague (as they always seem to call the workers there) just sprayed it down the sides. They obviously only have four stars on their badge, not five. When you drink it, surely the sticky sauce just stays there.
  • Claire
    and my massive c*ck!
  • Ronald
    Dick it is only 4 stars no more, and My Milkshake brings all the peeps to the yard and they like it's better than what claire got.
  • Nick S.
    I had one of these yesterday (before the article was published) and confirm it is just a choc milkshake with choc sauce. thay pour so much in the bottom though that when you start drinking its all you taste. Overall an extra 30/40p for some sauce in your milkshake. jog on!
  • Claire h.
    If it was just a milkshake with chocolate sauce it would be fine. But they've obviously bought in the special clear cups so that you can see the pretty spiral swirl. Fail.
  • mcd w.
    hi to all of these customers .that like to waste money on mcdonalds food .you have nothing better to do in your life .just to complain about the food.the crew members that work in McDonalds are all hard worker ,that work early in the morning and late at night and are much smarter then you .we provide more then a hundred customers services a day.we have the harders job of all, to service you bad uncertein ,time wasters of shit people who love to make our jobs harder. get a life.and if you don't like the food and don't like the fat intake .don't eat in healthy food . never mess with McDonald's we will alway win.! To all the McDonalds workers keep up the the good work.
  • Liam
    These are a con. The promotional posters lead customers to believe that this is a milkshake made by swirling two different flavours (and colours) together, when really it's just a bit of sauce they've added to a standard shake. For an extra 40p.
  • Double s.
    I had one of these milkshakes today, and yes it was definately a chocolate shake...nice and thick but the swirl WAS NOT pretty like the promo and it did indeed stick to the sides of the cup, not a mix of two flavours by far. Yes a waste of money in the end its just a shake with chocolate stuck to the sides of the fail
  • Amara
    It's hardly misleading... it's clearly sauce. Also, when I had one the swirls were perfect, and the lady behind the counter said they had some trouble getting it right in the first couple of days. Anyway who cares what it looks like, if the swirls were in the shape of dicks it would still be delicious.
  • CockFuck
    They look better in the uk trust me
  • pussysuck
    I have to agree with the homosexual above me.

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