McDonalds Customers "Not Lovin' It": Website Failure Forfeits 2 For 1 Cinema Voucher Codes, we informed you of a McDonalds 2 For 1 Cinema Voucher being given away for FREE, for every McDonalds meal purchased.

According to the actual code tickets, the offer would work until yesterday, November 30.  By entering the code on the McDonalds website, you will receive a printout 2 for 1 voucher for any film at over 225 participating cinemas nationwide, up until 30th June 2009.

We tried this at our offices 2 weeks ago, and it certainly worked then.  But according to yesterday's latest comments posted in our previous thread, McDonalds' website failed to serve up to its customers.  Over the course of half an hour yesterday, customers 'not lovin' it' posted at least 4 comments regarding the site being down or not accepting the code.  Bitterwalleter Mel comments:

"I have two 2 for 1 ticket codes but cannot get on to the website to even get my vouchers how annoying. I did notice on here the date to enter codes by is 25th nov but at the bottom of the code tickets it says 30th Nov which is why Im doing it today thinking I wouldnt miss out. Surely if the tickets have printed on them 30th of Nov we should be able to have the offer."

And Mel was not the only one.  Others have also waited until November 30 to enter the code.

Being the diligent Bitterwallet reporters that we are, we called McDonalds on your behalf. Queue position 7 with crappy elevator music for 27 minutes later, we were informed them that the site was never down, as per comments on this thread.

Clearly unlike Selfridges, McDonalds does not live up to the motto that 'The Customer is Always Right'.  The spokesperson denied the downtime entirely, claiming that their techs check the uptime of the server every 10 minutes. They also verified that the offer was available until midnight today.  Asking them if they were interested to read and respond to the comments posted here, McDonalds simply repeated that the site is checked every 10 minutes.  Clearly, the whole incident must have been a fiction of our imaginations.

No compensation will be given to those affected by this annoying problem.  If you were unfortunate to have experienced this, please share your rants and comments below.

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  • Spike P.
    the uk mcdonalds website is also down today. On the vouchers they give with meals, in the promotion they are running with monopoly, It says "chance to win cash every minute online at". Looks like we've missed over 90 chances to win cash as it's been down for the last hour and a half....I just want to redeem my vouchers without feeling conned by these f**kin corporate big wigs that sell poor quality, high in sugar, addictive food to vulnerable people (namely kids) for extortionate amounts of money. That's right McDonalds.....F**k you!

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