McDonald's bring back the McRib

McDonald's McRib sandwich is back. Back. BACK.

Yes, after 12 years and 20,000 pleas across social media, the fast food gulag is reinstating the sarnie onto its menus as of RIGHT NOW. Naturally engagement demands that there's a hashtag - #theMcRibisback - to drive one time devotees back into its arms.

They also send up obsessives with an advert, which according to McDonalds: "This teaser Mockumentary celebrates the UK’s love for the McRib. To its loyal fans, it's quite simply iconic."

However, it's not forever. It will be on sale up until February 3rd.

So stuff your kale smoothies and your NEW YEAR NEW YOU routine up its arse, and blow your calorific intake on a McRib while you can. Good thing it is available for a limited as hardening your arteries never felt so good.

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  • IamGutted
    I had one of these on New Year's Eve. It was awful. I had very fond memories of these from years ago, but it was nasty. I'd go so far to say as a Rustler's microwavable BBQ rib burger is nicer... and that's saying something.

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