McDonalds aims to break records, ruin hearts at London Olympics

Bitterwallet - used McDonalds burgerLondon 2012. The greatest athletes from the human race gather together in the nation's capital. Millions more will visit to witness their fantastical feats of strength, speed and endurance - shortly after which they'll fill their faces with processed nuggets and quarter-pounders with cheese.

Yes, it seems neither the Olympic committee nor long-time sponsor McDonald's see the irony in building the chain's largest fast-food restaurant at the heart of the Stratford site being developed for the event. Up to 1,500 people will be able to dine at once in the two-storey, 3,000 sq-metre diner. And it'll be just one of four Maccy D's to be built in and around the Olympics park; four will be open to the public, one will be based in the media centre, and the other? In the Athlete's Village, of course.

"We want everyone who visits our Olympics park restaurants to have the best possible customer experience, and are confident that the look and feel of these cutting-edge designs will provide that environment," said the UK chief of McDonald's, shortly before ordering a villet o-veesh vor his vife. McDonald's are hoping the sites will serve 1.75 million meals during the month-long event - with a Big Mac and large fries packing over 1,000 calories and nearly 55 grams of fat between them, that's enough lard to build a skyscraper to the Moon three times over. Or something.

[The Guardian]


  • Ace
    You do know that compared to other countries mcd's The uk ones aren't actually that bad! The deli wraps and baguettes are gorgeous and healthy (well some of them anyway!) Also the recycling and source of food in this country is much better than the restaurants in the US and other places! Of course they do sell a heart attack in a box as well as this but it's your choice whether to get the crap or eat the good food they offer!
  • Nice
    "McDonald’s are hoping the sites will serve 1.75 million meals during the month-long event " and at twice the price of a current Smack Meal no doubt. A tenner for a Mac Meal? Bargain.
  • dvdj
    Supply and demand surely? Good move by McDs, no-one's forcing anyone to eat the food.
  • Mike
    Why is this post regarding Mcd's but the picture relates to Burger King?
  • Zleet
    Not McDonalds fault if tubby bastards want to shovel fast food into their gaping maws with greasy sausage fingers while sitting metres away from people doing more exercise in an hour than they will do in their entire fat truncated life.
  • PokeHerPete
    ^ this
  • Matt
    Nuggets never done Usain Bolt any harm by all accounts.
  • Phil76
    @Zleet, No, but as it sounds like McDonalds will end up being the official "restaurant" of the Olympics I imagine they'll be pretty much the only food retailers allowed in the Olympic park. Isn't that the point the (admittedly badly written , check how 4+1+1=4) article is trying to make? Or have I grabbed completely the wrong end of the burger-greased stick?
  • Zleet
    Maybe they should tie a baggy full of burgers and fries to the runner holding the Olympic torch so the opening ceremony will resemble a fat dawn of the dead with a crowd of sweaty lardy fuckers moaning and stumbling after their next meal.
  • Phil76
    Or just go the whole way and make Big Mac scoffing an olympic sport. Might have to disqualify the US from competing though.
  • Cake b.
    McDonalds are a major sponsor, no problems from me if they want to waste their money on the Olympics. Somebody has to pay for it. Also the Sweet Chilli Chicken Deli Baguette is Om nom nom nom.
  • tom
    Can't trust your maths Paul... How many Maccy D's are to be built? Four? Six? And how big are they? 1,500 people eating in a restaurant a 3,000 square metre space? That's tightly cramped even before you take into account the counter/kitchen/delivery area/toilets/staff room etc etc...
  • Feed m.
    Didnt Usain Bolt win his Olympic Gold and break the world record after a meal of.....chicken mcnuggets!
  • 119
    Feed me: Usian Bolt also has a massive BMI and will probably suffer from poor health when he is older, just like the stereotypical McDonald's fanatic. Although he is probably quicker over 100/200 m at the moment...
  • Dick
    It would be good to see the athletes forced to eat McD's when they get medals.
  • Hugh J.
    It is correct what the user said above. NO one is ever forcing ANYONE to eat that pile of shit - but there they are, stuffing their faces with the un-decayable shit!
  • Reverend
    Nice Angus burger there! mmmmmm Burger King atleast is real food!
  • James
    I like the point that some of you guys have posted. No one is forcing them. And that goes with everything. Price of fuel....walk or cycle to work...the price will come down if enough people do that Price of trains....walk or cycle to work....the price will come down if enough people do that I am fat....stop eating shit and walk or cycle to will lose weigh and help the enviroment Price of cigarettes....stop will get healthier enabling you to walk or cycle and save the enviroment The price of football tickets....stop paying it and those tossers that call themselves sportsman wont get paid as much The price of football goods...stop paying it and those tossers that call themselves sportsman wont get paid as much All these things and more are controlled by us. The people that buy the products. If we stop buying them, on mass, they will have no choice but to lower prices. Anywho bit off topic but im on a real anti at the moment.

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