Macarons at McDonald's

McDonald’s are going to start selling macarons. Now, macarons already look like tiny Big Macs, but really, all Bitterwallet is asking for... AGAIN... is an all-day breakfast. Even if it was just at the weekends when we've got crushing hangovers and aren't up in time.

Anyway, back to the story at hand - after showing off their Camembert burger (sadly, not called a McCamemburger) - they're now going to sell these sweet treats.


Naturally, McDonald's won't be trying anything this exciting in the UK (yet), because they never do. These rascals will be on-sale in South Korea, where presumably, everyone is macaron-mad. Get this! They'll be available for delivery too, so South Koreans won't even walk to walk to a restaurant.

The McMacarons are available in a range of flavours - you can choose vanilla, chocolate, caramel, and raspberry. And for the die-hard macaron enthusiast, these were created in the kitchens of Chateau Blanc in France, which must mean something to someone. Sounds fancy enough, unless the Chateau Blanc is the French Greggs.

No. We're not checking.


  • John
    Have had them for years in Australia, and France.
  • David
    Old news. Had some a few months ago whilst I was in Rome. Also think they're in French branches too.
  • Arse_Biscuit
    They've been on sale in Korea for weeks. They're crap. And all McDonalds deliver here, for free (no need to tip either).

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