London 2012 jumps the shark with bizarre chip order

The great British dish of fish and chips will be a thrilling prospect for people visiting London for the 2012 Olympics. Of course, if you're a vegetarian, you might be after nothing more than chips, which is fine. However, you won't be allowed to have chips on their own in the Olympic park because the organisers are completely mental.

olympic chips

As you can see from this memo which has been doing the rounds on twitter all morning, you'll only be allowed to have chips if they come with fish, thanks to a sponsorship deal with McDonald's. Not that McDonald's actually serve proper chips (more, thin potato stalks clad in scalding grease).

Best of British eh?


  • MikeBeav3r
    Not that they can even spell correctly... "Please do not give staff grief, this will only LED to us removing fish and chips completely." Back on topic, surely McD's sell "Fries" not "Chips" so there is no licensing problem at all is there?
  • Sicknote
    A great example of how us taxpayers are paying for what is in effect a bloody great big corporate sports day.
  • Zleet
    They jumped the shark when they had that blonde simpleton waving the flag and Leona Lewis singing on a transforming London bus at the handover.
  • Majorie D.
    That is peddler of obesity inducing junk food is allowed to sponsor a sporting event in the first place belies belief.
  • not c.
    Can we not sell them as hot oil coated ground dwelling root vegetables & say F#ck Mc-ringpieces!? They'll be telling me I can't offer my famous Snail & man glue protein Olympic power porridge for sale next.
  • Shooter M.
    Dear Mr Blair, thanks for saddling us with this enormous waste of taxpayers' money right in the middle of the biggest global economic crisis since the Depression. You truly are a cunt. Yours, Disgruntled Taxpayer
  • Me
  • Chewbacca
    Similar thing happened with the O2 and Visa if I remember correctly. Obviously, McDonalds are so insecure about the quality of their product, they've bought exclusivity rather than, you know, producing a decent product.
  • Mr C.
    Sounds like bullshit, never heard of cheesy chips, nah we have to give you fish at an extra £8.50 at crazy london rpices
  • Willywonka`s O.
    Olympics....So much fail....
  • Dick
    That is not a loophole. They say that they are no longer able to serve chips on their own. The only loophole is if they are served with fish. Serving chips with fish is not serving them on their own. Therefore serving fish and chips does not break the chips on their own restrictions.
  • Milky
    so how about serving chips with a 5 second loan of a goldfish inna bag, hand em fish & exchange fish for chips! This olympics is a fucking disgrace, hope it gets pissed on by the weather, can't be worse than how ticket holders are getting pissed on by "corporate sponsors" choice! have none.
  • Brian's U.
    The Olympics are bonkers. Another example of this is the Transport for London campaign "Why not walk it?" encouraging the very people that help fund it (i.e people using public transport on a daily basis to get to work) to walk to work or cycle or use anyother method apart from the very service they have paid for up front in the form of an annual season ticket. Oh if you cycle to work, try not to use the "Games Lanes" or else you will be fined £130 or your bike will be impounded: My advice is just to get the hell out of London whilst the Olympics are on as it will be stupendously rubbish.
  • Seinne
    It's not about the Olympics; I would never attend in any case. Looking to move to London, or its outskirts. I've been three times and am ready to cross the pond for good. Here, in Colorado, despite the mountains, the beauty, and my ranch, how can I reach you? I've been with my lover for many years, but I'm ready to cross the sea with my three full size horses and pony. How does that happen? Are you mature with a curiosity and a good wit? , Are you at least 4o years old? I don't mind a bit of a git because the gits seem to like me! In 2009 I traveled alone and happily to London, twice. I like cocktails, not ale, but you can love your ale and I wouldn't mind. I don't mind your funny chins and teeth- but how do I make this happen? If you don't know, please don't respond. America has become a bore to me. Your accents make me laugh, and I liked how you looked at me. Searching for a pleasant fit... Intelligent, a literature major, I am ready to make a gorgeous change after many years. A sense of humor and an intelligence not to be found so often here; the american west doesn't set so well with me anymore. I can bring my own sun...
  • Kebab B.
    Award winning Chicken Cottagers for me, from now on.
  • Just m.
    Sienne - as we say here in the UK: WTF?????

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