Lady finds cockroach in Big Mac


Annah Sophia Stevenson was tucking in to a nice Big Mac from McDonald's when she got a surprise - a cockroach! Doo doo doo d'doo, I'm buggin' it.

Someone from McDonald's visited Ms Stevenson at home to retrieve the burger, so it could be sent away for tests. However, the mother from New Zealand wants it back after her mates told her she was daft for handing evidence over to Maccies.

"Everyone was going. 'That was silly, you've given the only evidence to McDonald's, who obviously want to make it go away quickly'," Stevenson said. The burger was returned to her, and she added: "I don't know if I'm being overly suspicious, but I didn't want McDonald's to be connected to the only evidence."

She's now asked her local council to independently check the burger and insect in a scenario that can now be officially described as a gigantic faff.

A spokesman for McDonald's said: "It's important to note that the products were ordered via Drive-Thru, transported by car and then consumed at the customer's home... unfortunately, without the burger and foreign object it severely limits our ability to further investigate the matter."

You can see a video of the offending burger and a child getting up close and personal with it. Hope this hasn't spoiled your lunch.

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  • Keith
    Well, finally something with nutritional value found in a big mac. I once complained to McD's that I hadn't found a rat inside their quarterpounder. At least I would have known the meat being used. That being said I knew there was no rat as the cheese was still there. And the whiskers sticking out the edges were too short for a rat.

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