In the shops now! The laziest Christmas present ever from Boots?

Have Boots produced the ideal present for those with a keen love of world beers, choosing only the most exotic examples to tantalise the palette of a loved one this Christmas - or is it one of the most half-arsed attempts at extracting money from desperate relatives on December 24th? It's a tough call:

Bitterwallet - World beers from Boots. Cough.

Boots aren't the only high street brand to roll out unimaginative gifts at this time of year; can you find better examples of even worse store-led Christmas presents? Let us know in the comments, or send them with a glass of milk and a carrot to [email protected]



  • maxtweenie
    Yeah, they do one for tramps as well, Tennent's, Special Brew, White Lightning and meths.
  • Graham
    LOL @ Maxtweenie! I quite like some of the world selections but usually it includes stuff like Tiger or Cobra or something decent. If I had this as a present I would be really disappointed - not at the present but at the person for the lack of brain cells involved in getting it!
  • shinkyshonky
    Why boots...the local offy will do you 6 for a fiver....thats more imaginative...and save a quid... boots...doesnt know it arse from its elbow another high priced high street lazy retailer
  • Deejay
    They've misspelt "Piss" as "Beer"
  • david
    what a bunch of arse, whichever dickhead thought this combination up needs to be looking for a new job
  • John S.
    Shanks here. All of these 'world beer selection' beers are actually brewed in the UK.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Above comments are all correct but you can hardly blame Boots, they probably buy these in for about 75p and you know some muppets / well meaning relatives will buy them for family members. These will be £3 in the sale and they'll still make a killing on them with the "ooh look, its half price, must buy it"
  • CompactDistance
    Surely this is a false description considering all these beers are brewed in the UK...
  • darren_p
  • Alan
    Wait while they're £1.50 at 75% off in the New Year :)
  • roo
    Oh dear. Boots have finally lost the small amount of self respect they had left.
  • Bill R.
    Well said DeeJay, its Midges piss in a can like all corporate "beers".

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