In the shops now! ASDA's thinnest pizza crust yet

Imagine a meal so low in calories you can't even see it. Amazing? Not at all. Produced using a process, ASDA's new transparent pizzas are part of their Nanorific range of calorie-free meals with little or no substance whatsoever. Not unlike this feature, some would suggest:

Bitterwallet - ASDA's see-through pizza special

Thanks to Bitterwallet reader Natalie for spotting this bargain. Seen any grocery gaffes yourself? Send them all, none or some to [email protected] Bless your heart.


  • Jamie
    "Thanks to Bitterwallet read Natalie for spotting this bargain." ...reader shurley?
  • AndyM
    Just a small slice for Posh Spice, thanks.
  • Amanda H.
    Looks like Annabel Karmel's got another job since the "teddy" incident.
  • zeddy
    I bought one of these. It tastes like bloody cardboard.
  • Hmmm
    I just think they put the label on the back of the pizza!
  • james
    the fingers are too tightly closed together for there to be a pizza on the other side..
  • crofter
    hmm looks like the have scrimpted a bit on the toppings ...
  • Brian
    Brian here. I could use this as a flying disc (frisbee).
  • iBone
  • pete d.
    I blame that lad from that asda video last week.
  • Pete Z.
    Only clever people can see this pizza. You can see it, can't you?
  • Asda
    It is a labelled disc which sits behind all the pizza's in the counter so when they sell out, they know which pizza goes where in the counter. Simples!
  • Giles
    LOL @ iBone
  • Me
    Looks like it tastes of cardboard
  • bod p.
    its on the other side!
  • goon
    empty packaging. hilarious.
  • Marcus S.
    This type of thing was mildly amusing when you first did it, now it's just tired and boring. What next, the empty CD/DVD cases that they keep in gamestation?
  • lew
    i have no pics to back this up, but at the local Asda in Runcorn (local to me), they have a lot of the cardboard pizzas sat infront of the deli bar. unless they have serious issues employing any staff with an I.Q. of 40+ (highly possible in Runcorn), I believe they are a way of reducing the amount of fresh pizzas they have to make and are not purchased. all you'd have to do is got to the deli counter and get them made

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