I'm going to Maccy D's - anyone fancy chicken porridge?

It's not just the UK that has to put up with food that looks and tastes like Play-Doh is a key ingredient. Around the globe, McDonalds tinkers with its menu to offer regional variations on dishes we know and love, as well as some batshit crazy stuff you wouldn't feed to the dog.

The Everythingist has no less than 40 edible oddities courtesy of the Golden Arches, but here's the three that have us sewing our mouths up at the prospect. From Hong Kong, there's the Shogun burger, a pork patty with Teriyaki sauce. And cabbage:

Bitterwallet - mcdonalds shogun burger

Fancy breakfast? What about sausage and egg, then? With, y'know, pasta?

Bitterwallet - mcdonalds sausage, egg and pasta

If none of that takes your fancy, then there's always chicken strips with springs, onions, ginger, shallots and chili peppers - mixed in porridge. Nom, as the kids say:

Bitterwallet - mcdonalds chicken porridge

[The Everythingist]


  • Avid R.
    This won't be porridge like we know it. It is rice cooked in huge amounts of water. Chicken and rice, not such a strange combination but maybe not for breakfast...
  • Delenn
    At least McDonalds in Hong Kong sells Sousage and Egg McMuffins all day - something MaccyDs here could learn from, and they take the Hong Kong equivalent of Oyster cards.
  • klingelton
    those sausage and egg muffin wassits are actually awesome! had one for the first time a couple of weeks ago. easily the best thing on the mac's menu.
  • brian
    As Avid Reader said, it's watery rice, which is a traditional breakfast in Hong Kong. It is normally accompanied with a fried dough stick. It's quite nice actually and probably alot healthier than a fried english breakfast.
  • Whisky
    All three look good to me.
  • james d.
    Springs AND onions ey?

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