Hungry? Why not have some Rotten Cake Made Out Of Wood?

Talk about lost in translation. This Portuguese menu appeared on the blog of author Charles Stross, and is highlighted as an example of diabolical translation programs. Is it for real? Can't be but we're not THAT bothered though because it made us laugh like little children.

Mmmm... jumping clitoris....


[Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Thom]


  • Alexis
    I can't get the same results, but for Rotten cake made of out wood (delicia do chefe), Google Translator gave me: Delights of the Head
  • bushbrother
    Its just Madeira cake ...
  • Simon
    @Alexis, that last section is slightly misaligned with the translation, delicia de chefe is translated to 'the chef is also a nice guy'. Try Bolo Padre da Madeira.
  • Neil
    I'd have some "Bacon From Heaven"
  • Marcus
    "I'd very much like the Little bitches to start, followed by the Mountain Cheese with foreplay, actually, hold the cheese on that one"
  • MrRobin
    Haha, I liked that a lot. i imagine it's part computer translation gone bad and part some comedy genius tweaking it here and there. Having said that, there is a famous Portuguese dish in North portugal called a Francesinha which is like an overloaded Croque monsieur, and it literally means 'Little French girl' Those crazy pork chops!
  • Alexis
    @ Simon For Bolo Padre da Madeira I get: Father Madeira cake :-)
  • Angela
    Thing is, language (any language except for Latin as far as I know) is a living thing and undergoes lots of changes. In addition, there are many colloquial terms. No translation programme can pick up the exact meaning of things, that's why there are human translators who are fluent in two or more languages.
  • cascais t.
    Estoril is just a couple of pearls from Portugal. Something to recommend for the autumn vacation.
  • tahrey
    Looks like they've done an absolutely literal translation... when the original is full of local idioms that can't be easily - if at all - translated into english without finding out exactly what it is and rewriting the whole thing. The cake is actually honey, almond and raisin. Maybe it looks like rotten wood when it's cooked? I'll have Sea Delight With A Darling Little Tomato Salad to start, followed by Codfish With Everybody and Bacon From Heaven, finishing up with Mountain Cheese With Foreplay and a glass of Do You Understand? :-)
  • tahrey
    BTW it looks like Bolo Pôdre to me, not Padre. The former googled more easily and does indeed translate to Rotten Wood Cake.

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