HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 26th April

hukd_logob1 Late as a bun, it’s Deals Of The Day. Why is it so late we hear you cry – we’re not saying but if we mention that it’s been written on a train, you’ll probably be none the wiser. That’s because it’s none of your business – what do you want, refunds?

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927314_1In case you weren’t aware, there’s a Royal Wedding a-happening at the arse end of the week. We’re all paying for it, we’re not invited to it, but we’ve got a day off to stand around in the middle of the street in the pissing rain, waving a plastic flag and wondering how the fuck we got shafted so hard.

You might like to comfort-eat your way through the entire thing with some Domino’s pizza. As an actual gift to the nation instead of some kind of toff’s snub, they’re throwing a BOGOF offer for medium and large-sized pizzas out there until Sunday.

easter_egg_boxIf pizzas aren’t for you, then perhaps Easter eggs are. Sure, Easter might be over for another year, with some of us asking the question: “That Baby Jesus – so what happened next then?’ But never mind any of that.

You may or may not believe in The Baby Jesus but if you believe that Easter eggs don’t become inedible the moment that Easter Sunday has ended and all the Easter decorations have been taken down and put back in the Easter box, then you’ll probably be happy to click on a link that will lead you to up to 70% off Easter eggs and related confectionery.

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  • Mr H.
    WTF has Easter got to do with the baby Jesus. Kids can choke on Kinder Egg toys, don't you know.

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