HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 20th November

Eating. Some say it’s overrated, while others reckon it’s an essential part of human survival. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between.

Whatever the truth is, today’s deals will help you enjoy a delicious, nutritionally balanced meal while making massive savings. More info and a broad menu of other offers are at HotUKDeals.

How can you fill yourself up for as few pence as possible? Right now, we can’t see beyond Asda’s 14” pizza offer – 2 pizzas the size of a couple of moped wheels for just £5. There’s ready-made options, or if you’re into weird stuff like BBQ sauce, pineapple and chorizo sausage, you can construct your own.

As HUKD member deepmenace says, “Approach the pizza masters with an easy smile and happy mood and they'll be towering the ingredients on.” Amen to that – we reckon if you actually address them as ‘Pizza Master’ you might even end up getting a free one. Trying bowing as well.
(Deal found by Ianto0710)

To wash down your delicious, humongous, bargain value pizza, we could recommend some cut-price juice or cheap fizzy pop, but f*** that, we’re classy here at Bitterwallet and nothing less than Baileys will suffice.

The price is dropping quicker than Woolies’ shares and Hull City and £10 for a litre is the going rate. Choose your preferred supermarket outlet from this link or this link or this link.
(Deal found by ParkLaneN17, tubagroova and herby247)

Finally, dessert. If you’re on the Baileys and you’re a sophisticated roister doister like we are, then you’ll probably be looking for some Cadburys chocolate to dip in it. Look no further.

There’s a couple of deals over at HUKD at the moment - Chocolate Fingers at just 69p a box or festive selection boxes to be had at 4 for £3. Today’s Deals Of The Day are sponsored by the sin of gluttony and the internationally-recognised gesture of fingers being pushed down one’s own throat.
(Deal found by awilko and Rob_B)

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