HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 26th January

Here we go again with the best bits from HotUKDeals as hoovered up by our steroid-fuelled bargain-bot. Today’s deals are so hot we’ve had to keep them inside a specially-strengthened box.

Which is handy as first up actually IS a specially-strengthened security box, fashioned from the toughest of steel and with digital keyboard operation. It’s so hard that we expect it’ll growl at you if you get the combination wrong.

Find out how you can get one for just £17.49 here. Oh, and before the pedants start – further to what we said earlier, we couldn’t keep this deal in the specially-strengthened box because it IS the specially-strengthened box. Does that make sense?
(deal found by dotcomslashnet)

Next comes the chance to own yourself a magnificent coffee mug given away free with the bespoke breakfasting menu on offer at His Majesty’s McDonalds. Order a brekkie meal with a large coffee and they’ll give you one of these. Splendid.

Over at HUKD, member spraint helpfully informed us as to what is in a McD’s breakfast – “Fat, salt, sugar and colouring mostly” sayeth spraint. Mmm, all the major food groups then? Also, this deal wasn’t kept inside the specially-strengthened box because it finished for the day at 10.30 this morning and we haven’t had the chance to get one. Tomorrow though, promise.
(deal found by hotscot)

Lastly, Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Go nuts and celebrate like an animal with an M&S Chinese meal deal – just £6.99 with a bottle of wine chucked in for free. Oh Messrs Marks and Spencer, you are spoiling us and leaving us with more money for firecrackers and a massive dragon’s head.

This one isn’t in the specially-strengthened box either because… well, because it was a just a lazy journalistic device that we used in the opening bit, alright? A kind of linky thing. It’s not real. Look, the others are all in America and I’m here by myself and I’m a LITTLE bit scared okay?

I wish I was inside a specially-strengthened box now. We’ve got a panic room but it’s just a disabled toilet with a chair you can put behind the door. Gibber.
(deal found by Nireas)

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