HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 15th August

new hukd logo Okay, it’s like this. There’s some bargains here for you – fruity drinks, cheap telly, pizzas and coleslaw, that sort of thing. Everything you’ll need to insulate yourself from the hell that is Britain 2011, outside your front door.

Great aren’t we? And it’s all in conjunction with the mighty HotUKDeals

996140_1If you’ve ever been on holiday to Club Tropicana, you’ll be more than aware that the drinks are free. There’s also fun and sunshine, enough for everyone. In fact, all that’s missing is the sea, but don’t worry, because you can suntan.

If you can’t afford to go to Club Tropicana but are still thirsty, you might be keen on this offer – it’s for a 750ml carton of Tropicana juice, and it’s yours for only 75p. WHAM!

995979_1For some of us, Sky TV is the evil that we can’t resist. A never-ending feed of crap, spiced up by some movies, sport and repeats of Last Of The Summer Wine. But it comes at a price, especially if you’re thinking about upgrading to HD and multiroom.

So who would be interested in a 1TB (tittybite) Sky+ HD box for only £49? It comes with free installation as well, although you’ll have to pay for multiroom. But those in the know are saying that the multiroom charge is being scrapped from next month, so get on with it!

995852_1Next up comes a deal that is so serious that we’re not even going to attempt to make a vaguely humorous series of comments about it. That and the fact that we just want to get this out of the way so that we can nip out and avail ourselves of it.

It’s a £5 pizza meal deal from Sainsburys. Two 12” pizzas and two sides for a fiver. You’ll have to go to HotUKDeals for more details and that – we’re OUT OF HERE.

(deals found by HUKD members ianshona, nicster08 and malbano)


  • Dick
    Ha ha. It's funny cos the pizza and sky are round the wrong way.
  • nicster08
    the Tropicana is 50p not 75p
  • maxtweenie
    The multiroom charge isn't being scrapped from next month. What is being scrapped is the extra £10 a month HD subscription Sky have been charging for each HD box on top of the £10 multiroom charge. So you should change your post to 'those who don't fucking know.'
  • Mike U.
    The link to the Sainsburys deal takes me to the Sky Deal ????
  • TimB
    So...the Morrisons deal is just plain wrong, and the other two have the wrong links. Not your best effort, BW.

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