HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 25th September

hukd_logob1Back by popular demand (well, someone mentioned it in the comments section a day or two ago,) it’s True Or False Friday! See the deals then try and fathom out if the statements are true or… false.

Where would we be without HotUKDeals, providers of the bargains? Looking at a page full of lies probably.

476269THE DEAL:  Bananas. 47p. Wow. But it gets better – it’s not 47p each, but 47p for a kilo! That’s more than each, right?

TRUE OR FALSE:  Giant US retailer Banana Barn are set to hit the UK in 2010, opening 60 stores around the country. They sell a wide range of electrical and electronic items, each one stuffed crudely into a banana or with banana smeared all over it.

476092THE DEAL:  A pepperoni pizza for just 25p! As HUKD member splatsplatsplat says: “I've been homeless twice and have eaten better crap than that!” Yum!

TRUE OR FALSE:  Pepperoni is the meat of the grey squirrel.

10_0025_-1THE DEAL:  10% off everything at Homebase throughout today and tomorrow. Plus, spend £30 or more and you’ll get a further 10% off throughout the month of October.

TRUE OR FALSE:  Out of all of the DIY-related injuries that are reported to Britain’s A&E departments every year, 74% of them involve testicles and coarse sandpaper.

(deals found by HUKD members Melovesbargains, scrumpypaul and Johnnymcd)

TRUE OR FALSE? All statements are FALSE

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  • Amanda H.
    I've been quoted! Hazah!

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