Hey McDonalds, would you like some grime with that?

Bitterwallet - McDonalds Bridgewater

Welcome to McDonalds in Bridgewater -we've no idea what that is on the floor, but it's not what you want to see when you're ordering a fillet o'feesh for your vife.

Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Bill Bennett


  • Milky
    If you've ever seen the mess left when someone spills a Muck-shake on the pavement, street, or wherever, it sits there & stains for a long time. My guess is this is mc-drip off the shakes thats started a chemical peel on the porcelain tiles. Looks pretty grotty, ...just like their"food" If thats front of house, god forbid what go's on behind the scenes.
  • Rb_
    FYI, unless it's somewhere else (Although, I doubt that) It's spelt Bridgwater. :)
  • tri99s
    yeh its bridgwater and thats my local
  • andy y.
    Yep the floor is grubby.Until they start flippin' burgers on it or selling "floor sweep mix" you will be fine. Still don't like the London skyline graphic
  • Mutineer
    Only charvers eat at Maccydees though, right? So who cares? It's probably still a lot cleaner than the floors or their festering sink-estate pits anyway.
  • Alan
    It is just foot scuff marks. You're not allowed to wear trainers when you work at Macs so the shoes (being generally cheap) leave scuff marks in places with a lot of foot traffic. Don't get me wrong, it should be mopped every 30 minutes and it doesn't look like it has here.
  • Lee
    #1 Just looks like coffee powder or something #2 you're not allowed to wear trainers if you work for McDs #3 no I don't work there
  • bigmacwithchips
    @mutineer you dont have to be lower class to eat at mcdonalds and the fact you claim this makes me think your heads stuck up your own arse so do me a favour and go wrap your mouth round a bag of dicks thanks
  • Mutineer
    bigmacwithchips - truth hurt, did it? Fuck off back off to Jeremy Kyle, you burger munching waste of a tracksuit.
  • mememememe
    its ground coffee on the ground ! funnily enough in front of the coffee machine i reckon mutineer has had a pube filled bogey burger, either that or someone spunked in his dickflurry
  • Hannah
    @ Mutineer Not only chavs eat at macdonalds (it might be more popular with them, who knows!) The ideal time for a macdonalds is when you're in a shopping centre or at a service station where the choice is between that and getting up early to make sandwiches. It's about convenience. Anyway, if you ask me it's either scuff marks or coffee and although it doesn't look great/should be cleaned up, no one's cooking food on the floor, so it's probably nothing to worry about.

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